Half Life 2: Episode Three hits its sixth anniversary

VG247: Today marks the six-year anniversary of Half Life 2: Episode 3 being announced by Valve – but the elusive game still remains largely an unknown.

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mananimal2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

Valve has choosen to ignore us gamers & TRUE CORE FANS of the "Half Life" series , a very insulting thing they have done, not sure if Episode 3 will ever see the light of day. But let it be known I also have CHOOSEN to IGNORE Valve, I dont do STEAM(DRM), & havent spent 1 red cent on anything theyve released since the Orange Box. Valve MUST PAY, its thats simple, gamers should make them pay & not buy any of there future games or products. Who does that fat pig think he is?, It was the Half-Life fanbase that put Valve on the map, thereby making other ventures such as STEAM(ugh!DRM) possible. To add insult to injury, the nerve of Valve to mentally toture the fans even further with cryptic/vain messages/advertisement of Half-Life, periodically bringing attention to it, stirring the pot in a sense but serving no dish. Valve can kick rocks, & if GAMERS ever come to understand the INHERANT/NATURAL "POWER" they have as CONSUMERS by just not purchasing there products, I promise you, Episode 3 would have ALREADY been served up on silver platters with Valve bent over in REPENTANCE over their actions.

decrypt2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

Lol if anything Steam is what has saved PC gaming. As it is the retail had abadoned the PC in the console gold rush. Now they are crying over the success of Steam.

Yes Valve has delayed Half Life 2 Episode 3, all of us feel it, however Valve hasnt left its fans in the dust over the past few years they have released some great games:

Team Fortress 2
Left 4 Dead series (arguabaly the best coop shooter out there)
Portal 2.

Personally cant wait for Dota 2.

Id go as far as to say Valve is the saviour of PC gaming, they have implemented DRM yet its not intrusive. Rather i like Steam installed on My PC, even my Non steam games are linked to it because:

A) it gives me all my games at one place
B) Automatic updates
C) In game web browser

If Valve wasnt around retailers would have dumbed PC games of the shelf, Console makers would have been jerking themselves off in joy. Today because of Valve you have the largest catalog of games online and PC stands as solid alternative to Console gaming.

da_2pacalypse2370d ago

I totally agree. In addition you can always count on valve to release the most complete and polished products out there. Yes they delay their games a lot, but their end product is always amazing. I don't ever hesitate to preorder a valve game, because guess what, THEY'RE ALWAYS GOOD!

Yes, I'm upset that HL3 is nowhere to be seen, but I'm by no means upset at Valve. They've done nothing to upset me. The reason I want HL3 so much is because Valve has spoiled me with the previous games/episodes. Not only are their games awesome, but their service over Steam is second to none.

It's really funny every time they announce a new IP... I think to myself: "Yeh yeh, Valve... we get it, you're such a good developer that you can leave amazing IP's behind to create new IP's that are just as good... we get it you're amazing :P... Now make HL3"

Jormungandr2371d ago

You know why no one takes the "INHERANT/NATURAL POWER" consumers have seriously?

Cause consumers only seem to use it for things like video games instead of... say...

Ecological Distaster

Lines at the pumps at all the BP stations here haven't gotten any shorter... And I live about an hour from the gulf.

Bank Fraud

Last I checked all these banks are riding high.

False Advertising

And that's just what I found in 5 minutes of google searches. If I was trying I'm sure I could find the REALLY nasty stuff.

In other words... get over yourself. It's a god damned video game. If this is the biggest worry in your world view then 1). you need to get out more and 2). I wish my life was as pleasant as yours must be.

mananimal2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

@Jormundgar ..You googled all those things yet YOU FOOLS STILL DONT SEE the BIG PICTURE, the FACT that PC gaming died was a CALCULATED ACT by Big Business(social elitist nazi`s) the SAME PEOPLE to bring about the changes to gaming we now are seeing(DRM), moron how you DONT understand THAT BUSINESS FACT/PRINCIPAL is beyond me. Its ALL BY DESIGN & NOT BY CHANCE, thats the REAL POINT. whether it be a videogame(something that doesnt really matter) or THE PRICE OF GAS(something that does matter), the World of Business is very very INTRICATE & CONNECTED like a huge CARTEL these DESCISIONS being made ARE MADE to take AWAY CONSUMER RIGHTS & to TIGHTEN there(CORP WORLDWIDE) CONTROL on ALL facets of Human Life, those are the FACTS, but if you ONLY believe what you can GOOGLE(a govt /socialist/safeguard or bottleneck designed to keep people from seeing the REAL TRUTH & depth of the rabbit hole called "real relationship between govt & corporate business world, BOTH ARE THE SAME, just different sides of the same coin,POLITRICKS, but sheeple like yourself are forever blind & fearful of this REALITY) then your STILL caught up in the MATRIX of MISINFORMATION. Go watch: "The Arrivals" on Facebook or Youtube, & then with a straight face, make those same idiotic remarks, just another uninformed human. class dismissed.

Jormungandr2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

"how you DONT understand THAT BUSINESS FACT/PRINCIPAL is beyond me"

Isn't it time for your meds?

jakethesnake2370d ago

Wait, the delay of Half-Life 3 is a conspiracy to bring a socialist/corporate (how those two are one in the same is beyond me) one world order?

That is the most entertaining bit of nonsense I've read in a while.

Saladfax2370d ago

I'm surprised you could read it; the block of text and random all-caps made my eyes bleed a little.

beerkeg2370d ago

Mananimal, you seriously need help. That wall of text is quite tragic, and yet, quite amusing to read at the same time.

Don't stop posting, posts like that cheer me up. I'm in two minds as to whether I should bubble you up for 'Funny'.

boyzilla2370d ago

rofl, I'm sorry, I just can't take this mananimal guy seriously. Mainly because HE keeps TYPING like THIS. hahahaha

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meevil2371d ago

Or, you know, they've been busy making other games.

I mean this is just a thought! It's obvious that you've invested a lot of time in your consumer Nazi story.

pandaboy2370d ago

You're pathetic, it's a bloody video game. They don't owe you anything you cheeky cunt.

HunterRose2370d ago

I'm going to make a stronger effort to use "cheeky cunt" in my everyday language.

ReservoirDog3162370d ago

Haha, jeez.

Valve takes notoriously long on games. Remember vanilla Half Life 2? that took several years and it's still one of the best games ever released.

And you're missing out on steam. So many deals for nonintrusive, barely there drm. Valve are some of the best people in the industry and arguably the best. Get over yourself and buy Portal 2.

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Errod882371d ago

We can only hope they release it.

Jormungandr2371d ago

You know... I'm tempted to argue that Valve is risking the Duke Nukem Forver effect. I.e. too much hype for the game to ever be good enough.

The only thing that makes me hesitate is that they aren't constantly releasing info about a game that's not ready yet... which is part of what pushed the hype for DNF so high. But at the same time... as successful as DN3d was it was nothing compared to halflife 2, hl2 ep1, and hl2 ep2. Hl2 and episode 1 and 2 by themselves are enough to have gamers frothing at the mouth for ep3 (see the first comment if you don't believe me).

I mean... if this was any series but Half Life 2... I probably would have forgotten that a third episode was promised by now. Instead I actively search for news on it every couple of months.

Maybe Valve realizes expectations are rising and they are rising to meet them by improving and adding to the game in order to stay ahead. However, and I hope I'm wrong but... I think fairly soon the gaming community will reach a sort of critical mass where Valve will have no hope of keeping up with expectations. Already the community is expecting Hl3 instead of Hl2 Ep3... so... yeah...

Agent_00_Revan2370d ago

Wow. its been that long already? Man that sucks. E3 after E3 has gone by with nothing but disappointment from Valve. I love the other games they've put out, like Portal, L4D and TF2, but I want my HL. Either HL3 or EP3, I dont care. I just know the emotional anger I felt at the end of EP2, I wanted revenge.

ninjahunter2370d ago

When it gets to starcraft years ile start complaining again.

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