Japanese price tag, release date and more revealed for Halo 4

The Japanese release details (release date, price, limited edition and box art) have been revealed for the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive first-person shooter, Halo 4.

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DivineAssault 2369d ago

damn is halo really getting people super excited? How bout microsoft giving us a NEW exclusive 1st party IP.. my xbox needs more games that arent guns blazing..

m232369d ago

Its a little too late in the 360s lifecycle that they work on huge new exclusive IPs. Those will probably be saved for their next console, which will most likely release next year.

And yes a lot of people are excited for Halo 4, including me.

DivineAssault 2369d ago

well every1 has their own preference.. What about all the people who just recently bought 360s? Just SOL huh? oh well, thats why i own the big 3... But im haloed out personally.. RE6, Last of Us, Last Gaurdian, Borderlands 2, & Wii U stuff has me much more excited than Halo 4..

h311rais3r2369d ago

Well halo 4 does look like it may revive the series to its halo 1 and 2 glory days. That's why people are excited.