Worst 5 Types of Gamers

"The gaming community is a wonderful one, with its roots starting out on internet forums and eventually entering into the mainstream. However, that doesn’t mean everyone’s an angel. Here are five different types of gamers that can ruin a gaming experience, whether you’re playing a multiplayer game or just trying to strike up a conversation."

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MultiConsoleGamer2400d ago

5. Fanboys
4. Fanboys
3. Fanboys
2. Fanboys
1. Fanboys

But seriously, I agree with most of your choices.

sarydactl2400d ago

hahaha yep, just kept them to one number (but also number one).

TopDudeMan2399d ago

The comment above me is riddled with irony.

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Jirachi2399d ago

personally i would put number two as number one people like the whine about things like difficulty in a seris not known for difficulty or maybe they whine about the single player in a multiplayer seris that never had good single player.
it's fair to except a game to be a certain way but not if no game in that seris is like that

Dark_Overlord2399d ago

"I’m talking about the ones who complain to companies about sequels or lack thereof, demand updates or mods or features that they suggested, or think that games should be cheaper in this economy. "

Are you serious???

If I purchase a game and it is fundamentally broken (like skyrim was on the PS3) then I think I'm damn well within my rights to demand a patch to fix said game. As far as I can see they offered me a so called 'working product' which I have paid money for, only to find out its not what they stated.

Good job we have laws over here that can help with this crap. i.e if the product (in this case a game) is not of satisfactory quality, then it can be returned to the store/retailer it was purchased from, they then have either 2 weeks to fix the product or provide a full refund. I am actually considering sending the Splinter Cell HD collection and Prince of Persia HD collections back due to how broken the games are. UBI don't even care that they are broken (I've contacted them numerous times)

smashman982399d ago

That's not what the author was talking about tho

He was more commenting on people that think they are game designers that know more about game designing than the pro nd are always saying this need to be like that and this needs to be like this

As for bugs and glitches. Yes we are alll entitled to a game that works after we purchase it and that's it

Dark_Overlord2399d ago

Fair enough, but you have to admit he worded it pretty badly if that's what he meant :)

OMEGAZONE2399d ago

bigots and racists or anyone who belittles and singles out someone because their different. They make me feel ashamed to call myself a gamer.

kent800820072399d ago

best way to deal with insulters: MUTE

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The story is too old to be commented.