The Complete E3 Online Live Streaming Guide

"We provide a list of all the ways, times, and details for watching E3's live streams, events, and press conferences. This year promises to be incredible, with more developers and publishers streaming live than ever before (including an interview with the exexutive developer of the Wii U). This article will be updated as E3 gets closer, so keep checking to see if your favorite company is going to stream live from E3."


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BrunoM2368d ago

Well the guide does help to know the times and official places to watch them ..

Even tho if any one is looking for them online on unofficial sites give justintv and a few other site of the same type a look lol ..

As for me man I love Jen it gets to e3 time I stop coming to n4g a week befor so I can actualy watch it and go oo wow really that's kool loll ...

Happy E3 guys

nrvalleytime2368d ago

Haha well, while we'd rather not endorse unofficial sites, I can say that you are exactly right about wanting to be surprised at E3. We're trying to be surprised, but nobody's really good at keeping secrets anymore.

Happy E3 to you as well!

crazytechfanatic2367d ago

I'll keep my eyes peeled for Wii U

xpgINSANITY2367d ago

I plan on streaming all of the conferences on in HD. to make sure all the latest content is shown :)