Anarchy Reigns Launch Trailer

Anarchy Reigns/Max Anarchy is still over a month away from release, but Platinum Games decided to share a "launch trailer" for the game today.

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ElasticLove1951d ago

Soundtrack for this game is brilliant, just a month and a half away before getting hook on this game.

Andreas-Sword1951d ago

yes, soundtrack is brillant. But also the gameplay and the multipalyer-modes are brillant ;)

j-blaze1951d ago

it sounds amazing, looks amazing and plays amazing too :)

ieatbabies1951d ago

I've been a fan of Beat'em Up's/brawlers for many years.

The character designs look great, settings look great and combat.

If they can pull off a good story line, I'm on board. Haven't played a decent Beat'em Up since Streets of Rage and Double Dragon days

Chevalier1950d ago

Around that time in the arcades there was Alien vs. Predator and D&D shadows over Mystaria which were awesome as well.

Croash1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

That was one of the most informative and well executed launch trailers I've seen in a while.
I may not be interested in the game but I can only praise Platinum Games. The studio's members have certainly been hard at work.

jc485731950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Capcom should be ashamed of themselves. Just look at Platinum games....they king.

Ultr1950d ago

platinum games is one of the best developers out there, polished gameplay from start to finish, this game looks awesome, and look at the variety... I bet this game has a lot of replay value!

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