USA Weekly Chart, Ending 19th May 2012


X360 - 63,856 (+10%)
PS3 - 45,583 (+8%)
3DS - 41,111 (+7%)
Wii - 24,396 (+4%)
PSV - 18,700 (+2%)
DS - 14,570 (+7%)
PSP - 4,413 (+2%)


1: Diablo III (PC) - 906,989
2: Max Payne 3 (X360) - 270,862
3: Max Payne 3 (PS3) - 177,313
4: Game of Thrones (X360) - 29,527
5: Game of Thrones (PS3) - 26,490
6: MLB 12: The Show (PS3) - 22,333
7: Starhawk (PS3) - 20,612
8: Prototype 2 (X360) - 20,583
9: Sniper Elite V2 (X360) - 17,117
10: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PS3) - 16,742

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Patriots_Pride2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

3DS - 41,111 (+7%)

3DS it only prints money

Dante1122369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

The Vita sales increased as well. Everything increased. I wonder what MS has up it's sleeve for E3? The PS3 has been pretty close to the 360 in sales these past few months. Even outsold the 3DS.

Edit: Just noticed that the Starhawk sales have bumped up as well (Were at 60k, now they're at 108,168).


360GamerFG2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

Um Starhawk sales were never at 60k. Debut week, Starhawk sold 90 odd thousand in NA and 108K worldwide.
Second week sales (those in this article) have dropped in NA from 90 K to 20 K. An impressive 70 K or 77% drop!
Wait until it releases in the West they said.

Dante1122369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

Um..Starhawk sold 69,865 copies it debut week in the NA. Less than 10k in other territories except Japan.


Second week sales(those in this article) have dropped but from 60k to 20k in the NA (Making it 80k now).


Edit: I like how even though I have provided sources and links for my statement and you haven't, I'll probably still get random disagrees. Tells you alot about this site.

humbleopinion2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )


Your second comment:
"Starhawk sold 69,865 copies it debut week in the NA"
"Second week sales(those in this article) have dropped but from 60k to 20k in the NA (Making it 80k now)"
so 69865 copies is 60K in your booking?

And from your first comment:
"Just noticed that the Starhawk sales have bumped up as well (Were at 60k, now they're at 108,168)"

So combining the two, 108,168 copeis is now 80K in your bookings!? Or were you just wrong when you attributed the global numbers to the US and now you're changing your perspective.

It seems that your sources simply proved that while 360GamerFG wasn't entirely right (he smixed 80K with 90K), you got it even more wrong than he did. And he was pretty right when he pointed you to the fact that the numbers dropped to 20K in the US over the second week.

ieatbabies2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

ineffective troll is ineffective .

Dante112: His account was made just soley for trolling.

GribbleGrunger2369d ago

just want to get this straight: if anyone makes a positive comment about a Sony product on this site, it's trolling? have i got that right?

Siren302369d ago

Seriously? Thats all anyone does on here is make positive comments about sony. Even if its a article that has nothing to do with sony. N4g is made up of insecure fanboys

ieatbabies2369d ago

Anytime there is an article that has nothing to do with Sony or is about Sony and is about Sony only why is there a need for 360 fools to come in when it has nothing to do with them?. 360 fanboys come rushing in and troll. They always start trouble since day 1 when the 360 launched years ago.

People only own or have more than one console want to comment and enjoy the article and relax, than 360 trolls have to come and ruin it every time.

Us gamers can never have nice things

testerg352369d ago

Exactly! MS has said in the pas the vgchartz is a joke. Don't people ever wonder why Sony, Nintendo, and MS NEVER respond after vgchartz releases it stats???

Darth Stewie2369d ago

Wow MLB the Show is selling pretty well.

black9112369d ago

Im about to buy MLB 12 the show it looks amazing.

kneon2369d ago

I'm surprised at game of thrones doing so well given that I've yet to see a single positive review.

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