Push-Start: My Top Five Xbox Live Multiplayer Experiences

Aaron Stone Writes: Online gaming has become a popular experience among the vast majority of gamers. While Xbox 360 may not have any MMO’s or big 64 player team deathmatches, there are still plenty of games on the market that offer unique or fun gameplay experiences. Below I have comprised a list of my top five multiplayer games and the reasons why I love them.

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Starfox8112370d ago

Totes agree with #4 and #2, those are two of the most fun online games around, although I find that I prefer online games that are less competitive as I get fed up of people gloating and getting angry for no reason.

My number 1 - of recent times - has to be Journey. I adore that game.

DasTier2370d ago

Journeys not on Xbox live?

Starfox8112369d ago

Yeah I know it isn't I was just talking in general about my favourite online experience.

DasTier2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Hmmn, I would have had

5. Red Dead Redemption
4. Halo Reach
3. Gears of war 2
2. Bad Company 2
1. Halo 3

Minecraft deserves an honorable mention though, even with it being inferior to the PC Version.