A Week Disconnected: Is Gaming An Addiction Or Is It Simply The Voice Of A Generation

Noble Press:
Now I am most definitely a hardcore gamer don’t get me wrong I love video games, but one thing I am not is “addicted”. I take pride in the fact that I don’t have the type of personality where I have a problem being addicted to things. Sunday the 21st of May I was confronted with the statement “you’re addicted to video games and you couldn’t go a week without them” I simply replied that I wasn’t the argument was that somehow I am trying to escape from reality to what they perceived as “my alternate reality”. But that couldn’t be further from the truth, yes I do play games a lot and I mean like 50hrs a week so don’t think I’m some guy who

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ATi_Elite2368d ago

Gaming is a Hobby, entertainment, and can be an addiction just like anything else.

If you spend too much time doing one thing and have no enjoyment for other things then maybe you need Help!!

D2-E22368d ago

I agree like most things its all about moderation everything in moderation.

mananimal2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

On the surface its a hobby, but TRUTH be told, its an addiction for most gamers, they wont admitt it, but there actions say different, what is tolerated by gamers, the way this Industry treats them, yet they come right back for more abuse, proves the point. The GAMES INDUSTRY is FULLY AWARE of the phenomenon & have taken full advantage this FACT. They((The Industry) are the INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT DRUG PUSHERS of the 21st Century, & gamers are the all to willing "GUINEA PIG" like RECIPIENT USERS being INDOCTRINATED to do as your told(except DRM, & all other unfair practices inflicted upon game consumers) or be FORCED TO GO WITHOUT. Its inherantly understood & basic commonsense that games as a hobby, SHOULD BE a WANT & NOT A NEED, yet gamers except the INDUSTRY excuses for their abuse EVEN THOUGH THEY KNOW or get the SENSE(have the inward common knowledge to understand granted to all human life) that there being LIED TO over & over again, just like in the POLITICAL WORLD. People are CONTROLLED through LUSTFUL DESIRES yet NEVER SATISFIED, & your WORLDWIDE CORPORATE PAYMASTERS UNDERSTAND THIS, ALL TO WELL. The FIX has been in, BUT the TRUE AGENDA(The Big Picture) seen ONLY by the WISE ,DISCIPLINED, UNCOMPROMISING few, among us.