10 Most Badass Female Video Game Characters

With this list, we want to honor the female video game characters with substance and those who wear more than a string bikini. Here are the strongest, coolest, and most badass female video game characters.

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TheFinalEpisode2395d ago

Nariko and Bayonette should on that list

AntoineDcoolette2394d ago

Needs more Joanna Dark as well.

J86blum2395d ago

Tifa Lockhart should be number one, she fights bare fisted against Huge monsters in the Final Fantasy Universe, and has to put up with Clouds' self loathing self in Advent Children, and does not dress like a skank.

kanetheking2395d ago

dress like a skank? you mean like the tight top she were's though the whole ff7 game -_-.

J86blum2394d ago

I think it shows alot about you're charater you think a girl with a tanktop on is a skank thing, then during the summer every single girl must be a skank in your eyes.

Grow up.

kanetheking2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

grow up? read your own comment before telling ppl to grow up,what about the cowgirl costume, everything she wares is just TnA apart from the ff7ac movie, o and she wares the tank top in bloody hot desserts to snowy ares,caves, that's kind different then what real girls face, and yer i like girls not to have there tits out it's kinda off putting when your do something.

don't talk about 'my character' you have no idea who i am

Theo11302395d ago

I don't see my female shepard, this list is clearly wrong then.

VAblood__lustMP2395d ago

Great choice for Boss to be #1

soundslike2395d ago

5. Jill Valentine



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The story is too old to be commented.