Crying Wolf: Blizzard, BioWare, and Entitlement

"The Mass Effect 3 and Diablo III debacles show that gamers need to be more selective about the issues they feel need to be addressed. Gamers need to let their voice be heard over issues that actually matter, or else the impact of their voice is diminished." - Jake Weston, gamrReview

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EditorAtGNG2367d ago

The two issues are completely different and should be observed differently. In Bioware's case, we got a game where most of the gamers felt the ending was unsatisfactory. In Blizzard's case, they boasted for a new type of service and failed to deliver it in the first couple of days (it is fine now).

However, the author has a point when signifying the importance of constructive feedback on a related issue. We as consumers have the right to a reliable and completed product since gaming is pretty much an industry like any other. Companies such as Blizzard and Bioware should be treated not only as beloved developers but sales driven companies and thus, if their goal is revenue, our goal should be a satisfactory product (note how satisfactory means both complete and reliable experience).

mananimal2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

Not disagreeing with you, BUT do you REALLY THINK "the INDUSTRY" doesnt understand these things?, lol, yet game consumers are treated like trash & the games industry STILL DOES AS IT PLEASES. My point is they have NO INTEREST in being fair & NEVER DID, there ACTIONS SPEAK FOR THEM & towards what there REAL INTENTIONS ARE & HAVE BEEN(DRM,ETC). So why are journalist such as this guy continuing to make pointless arguments that only serve as a BACK HANDED WAY of blaming the GAMER/CONSUMER in the END & NOT putting the blame DIRECTLY where it should be, at the greedy controlling feet of the GAMES INDUSTRY Business World at large. The same people who OWN THE MEDIA`S(television,newspprs,ma gazine,radio,media entertainments, etc) of the WORLD, also OWN the Gaming Industry, its what you believe thats CONTROLS your way of thinking, & these PAID INDUSTRY SHILLS serve the purpose of dealing with more symptoms of the PROBLEM instead of the ROOT of it(that would be like bitting the hand that feeds them), where it all began. Like politics, they argue around the problem, spinning citizens in circles, while they continue down the path of GREED & more CONTROL over life on planet earth.

Hufandpuf2367d ago

My thing is, if you pay for their product, you have no say in what they should change. It's the consumer's fault for buying it. It's like buying a food product; because it tastes nasty doesn't mean it'll taste better if you complain to the company that makes it.

My point is, know what your buying. Just because it's a famous developer doesn't mean that they don't make mistakes. It's te consumer's own fault whether they fall for a misleading product or not.

coolbeans2367d ago

I just started writing a blog on this topic last night.


Saryk2367d ago

You have two choices: Buy it or you don’t buy it.

Your voice can only be heard by the money you spend.

kevnb2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

i dont really put bioware and blizzard in the same category at all. On the internet things might seem similar, but in reality no. Everyone hated mass effect 3s ending, not just internet trolls. Almost everyone hated dragon age 2 as well.