Sharing Mass Effect Saves Between PC and Xbox

There are a lot of reasons to play Mass Effect on the PC; if you’ve got a powerhouse rig, the graphics are amazing. If you’re on the go with a laptop, you can take the game with you. But, if you’re like me, you started the series on the 360 and now you feel stuck because you don’t want to lose your save game. Thanks to some very creative hackers, however, there’s now a way that you can move your Mass Effect 3 (or 2) save over from your Xbox to PC and continue the battle to save the universe from where you left off on your console.

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browland12371d ago

This is great for people who switched (or are thinking of switching) platforms mid-series.

bfenty2370d ago

exactly. I was so scared to lose my saved game because I started on ME1 on Xbox and didn't want to switch due to that.

Lucreto2371d ago

I wish Bioware would officially do this with saves for the PS3.

TekoIie2371d ago

I think that might conflict with MS owning the Publishing rights for the first ME. Might be wrong but im sure EA would rather play it safe than lose money... In fact im not sure, i damn well know that would be their stance on the situation.

h311rais3r2371d ago

Wait. Did he say the graphics are amazing? It looks bad graphically in everything other than the faces!

bfenty2371d ago

Pc Graphics=Superior to console graphics. Every time.

T9002370d ago

Yes agreed however the game itself looks terribly dated and i am a PC gamer. I dont think ME franchise has progressed at all graphically since ME 1.