Gameinformer E3 Predictions: MS And Sony Talk Next-Gen Consoles

Both Microsoft and Sony have stated they won't debut new consoles at this year's E3, but we still expect to hear some next-gen talk during the show.

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NYC_Gamer2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

The console tech will be shown behind closed doors @E3 next month

PerpetualMathx102394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

@NYC_GAMER thats exactly what i was thinking because its common knowledge at this point EA, Crytek, and Epic have the dev kits for the next gen systems so im assuming they will show case behind closed doors to all the other potential next gen developers and publishers. but i feel as though they will not say anything during the press conferences about them at all. although im sure we could get some leaked info regarding specs and pics!

GamingPerson2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

Sony wins!

MS said it themselves.


The only reason I won't agree with you because I don't know what Sony will show. Sure, since 2006 Sony had have awesome conferences, but you never know.

But other than that, if this comes to be true MS already lost it... I can already see Kinect presentation all over again, how half of the news were "stuff you already do with your controller done with Kinect... Look at how I'll watch netflix here". Really hope they are just trying to misleading or something.

Y_51502394d ago

I know Sony is going to atleast mention it!

BitbyDeath2394d ago

They don't have to show anything just giving a solid release date will work for me.

hennessey862394d ago

some game footage will be shown, I don't think either Sony or Microsoft will allow an easy ride for the Wii U

WeskerChildReborned2394d ago

Yea i think if we see some tech demos, it will definitely build up some hype for Next Gen being close.

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