Planet Raychul – Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of E3 – Episode 2

It’s Wednesday, yes another week has flown bye, and that means it’s time for another heart-beating episode of Planet Raychul, our weekly videocast hosted by the one and only beautiful Raychul Moore. In this weeks episode she lists her top 5 most anticipated video games of E3 2012, which is only a few weeks away. Do you agree or disagree with her choices?

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LaurenKB1231976d ago

I could add a couple to that list but good overall...

UltimaEnder1976d ago

Gonna be a good show, wow

Patriots_Pride1976d ago

I came here to see the white lady.

ATi_Elite1976d ago

It should be a rule!!

If you Cosplay as Cammy your have to be photographed from the REAR while looking over your shoulder in the proper Cammy pose to insure your Costume is accurate!

J86blum1976d ago

Is the first girl spreading her asscheeks?

Batmau51976d ago

My list differs a little, but I agree on most points!