IGN - The Last of Us Live Action Reenactment

IGN - We saw the first gameplay from developer Naughty Dog's latest, and we're ready to show you it -- through theater!

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mushroomwig1945d ago

That was pretty amazing, the re-enactment was done really well. I have a feeling that's the scene we'll be seeing at E3.

Rival_311945d ago

No more than a single digit's worth of bullets?! Sounds challenging and fun! I wonder how hard mode will play like..

Alcohog1944d ago

Oh really? I was thinking it would be the other scene they showed to the press.

iamnsuperman1945d ago

Interesting. Can't wait to see this

1nsomniac1945d ago

WOW someone's had waaay too much coffee!

TekoIie1945d ago

I cant even listen to him when im watching... I'm honestly starting to appreciate Ubi's Mr caffeine compared to this guy :S

Tainted Gene1945d ago

I love people like that. Who are genuinely interested in what they are talking about/ describing to another person,

gets me more hyped for the game (or movie, book, show, whatever the context).

Nes_Daze1945d ago

Pretty good video. Can't wait for E3.

Grap1945d ago

calm down kid.. god!!!