Kinect Accelerator company profiles: Freak'n Genius, GestSure Technologies, Kimetric and Styku

Microsoft's Kinect Accelerator program kicked off over a month ago, but at the time we were only made aware of the participant start-ups' names, not their innovations. So, when Microsoft offered us the opportunity to talk with the folks behind four of the program's participants -- Freak'n Genius, GestSure Technologies, Kimetric and Styku -- we jumped at the chance. Join us after the break to see what this quartet of fledgling companies has planned to propogate the Kinect effect further than ever.

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Neko_Mega2369d ago

Did some company did something like this for little kids? Because I remember something like this for make up.

It's a cool idea, but I don't see it doing to well because I don't think everyone would do this.

Patriots_Pride2369d ago

The way they want to implement it where you can customize your gear and get it in less then half an hour I dont see this taken off right now, maybe for sports fans but not for every day people.

Now if you put something like this in JC Penny or Old Navy where Kinect scans your body and you can put any gear in the store on your body scan then I can see this being useful and a time saver.

Or just make it that you scan your body at home and shop online.

Shadonic2369d ago

idk it could take off. When i first saw this I imagined a store where people could probably get scanned and have there own custom designs put on a shirt. Just the idea of having something made with your own personal touches that can make that piece of clothing more connected to them this could bring in a lot of people especially for clothes. The kinect scanning probably makes it easier and the idea of having it at home is a great one plus it would make the process a bit easier. For this to work they would need to have a lot of ads online and in commercials and choose locations like the mall where they can get scans of their customers to be used for the clothes.