Did the 3DS reach the 6 million mark before the DS ?

The Nintendo 3DS has reached the 6 million mark in only 65 weeks, an impressive score considering the off-start of the platform over a year ago. But is it to be considered a new record for dedicated portable gaming devices, or does it fail by a short hand behind the original Nintendo DS?

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Patriots_Pride2397d ago

Meanwhile Sony is still trying to figure out why people aren't buying the VITA.

Cough**Price Drop**Cough

raymantalk12397d ago

got my psvita for £170 with 2 games and 4gb memory card was worth twice the price does not need a price drop some people will never be satisfied no matter how cheap it becomes.

if sony was to lower the price next thing you would be saying is "IS THIS THE END OF THE PSVITA ?"

Hicken2397d ago

Meanwhile, the trolls keep trollin.

Ben_Grimm2397d ago

He speaks the truth. The Vita needs a price drop. the public IS speaking with their wallets.

givemeshelter2397d ago

Anyone WILLING to admit the truth KNEW the Vita's biggest obstacle was its price.
For the technology it offers, it's a steal of a deal. However, the The Vita for most consumers is still too steep. That's the reality. History repeating itself once again.
Sony STILL hasn't received that message that the majority of people buying these dedicated portable game units are parents for children or young teens.
$250+ investment is too much for many in any economy, especially this one. Then factor in the massive rise in cellphone and tablet gaming cutting into that market-share and demographics, it was never going to be easy for the Vita from the get go at that price point even though as I said above, the technology Sony puts in the Vita and the build quality is solid and well worth the money...people are juts not willing to spend $250+ on what they deem as a "toy"
The Vita sales will rise when the price gos down. EXACTLY like what happened with the PSP...

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ronin4life2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )


I'm gonna keep looking, but yes; the 3ds is outselling the ds and reached this milestone before the ds did, from what I have gathered.

Then, there is this:

Which means that either this story is wrong, or somewhere between the ds's 50th an 65th weeks, the ds blew off like a bottle rocket....
Ugh, this is [email protected][email protected];

Gorkab2396d ago

Thanks for this piece of news, I modified mine with the data you found, I think it's more compelling and here's why : the website I used to check the DS numbers was not counting sales as a whole, but merely by year, so I assumed I could do it anyway but in the end you proved me wrong and it's for the best so thank you ^^

Titanz2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

I know my first comment was a little mischievous, though I meant it as a lighthearted joke.

DA_SHREDDER2397d ago

Hope so, it's a solid platform

AWBrawler2397d ago

Well its certainly on fire now!