Analyst: GTA V would need to sell 14 million to meet Take Two's projections

XMNR: Take Two released its financial projections for the next year yesterday and, while they didn't announce a release date for Grand Theft Auto V, the bullish numbers strongly suggested the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC title would be coming out sometime between now and next March. Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter agrees and puts an estimate on how many units the Rockstar game would need to sell.

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Snookies122369d ago

For a game like GTA V, where Rockstar actually listened to what fans wanted, being a sort of remake for San Andreas... I'm sure it will sell phenomenally! Now, if only Squareenix would listen to what fans want like Rockstar...

Patriots_Pride2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

Not so fast Snookie, GTA 4 left s bad taste in peoples mouth and I dont think people will flock to buy this game day one because of that.

I for one will not buy it day one and wont listen to reviews since almost all gaming sites gave that piece of steaming crap GTA 4 10's.

They only thing that will entice me to buy this game is if they bring back the full customization, more freedom, change the shitty car handling, no phone calls from annoying family members and friends, the hand to hand combat system, boring much more that cant name them all but the ones I mentioned would be a start.

jamesgtaiv2369d ago

It really drives me crazy when people commit to the argument "people didn't like GTA IV". A lot of people may not have liked it but R* didn't push out the same shit every year like every other dev. They changed it up. Whether or not you liked it isn't the point as GTA IV was proof that R* is willing to make changes based on what the fans want so that they will like it.

What you're asking for is San Andreas with GTA graphics. I'm afraid if you want that, you wont get it.

come_at_me_bro2369d ago

Sorry, you're dead wrong if you think GTAIV upset more than a small percentage of internet folk. The name "Grand Theft Auto" is, believe it or not, just as powerful as Call of Duty in the "real world". 14 million is an easy target for this brand regardless of its quality.

NYC_Gamer2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

GTA4 did not leave a bad taste in the average fans mouth...only a select few on internet forums were upset....I enjoyed GTA4 for it's story telling/gameplay.....Grand Theft Auto games are special because they only release every few years....

omi25p2369d ago

Having played every gta since 3 i can tell you gta iv is easily my favorite.

Hisiru2369d ago

Yeah I know I love all the customization in San Andreas but GTA IV is my favourite in the series (and I am a gta player since the PS1 days, I played every GTA released).

I also enjoyed Episodes from liberty city (which improved a lot of GTAIV's problems)

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Persistantthug2369d ago

Who's crazy enough to disagree?

Valenka2369d ago

Well that shouldn't be a problem.

NYC_Gamer2369d ago

I'll be buying two copies since will be picking up one for PC and the other for console...

Snookies122369d ago

Ah so true! Like what I did for Skyrim haha. I hope GTA V will have a Steam Workshop type thing as well.

Pandamobile2369d ago

Oh god, an easily moddable GTA V with Steam Workshop would be a dream come true.

Dovahkiin2369d ago

Would love to see that happen.

Half-Mafia2369d ago

20+ million easy. PS3/360 install base in 2008 was around 40m and GTA4 sold about 13m in its first year. Install base now is out 130m + PC market.

GraveLord2369d ago

Won't sell 20million+ this fiscal year unless it releases in time for holidays.

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The story is too old to be commented.