Delays Point to Big Console Reveals at E3 2012

It’s as if a hypnotherapist snapped her fingers and, all at once, publishers around the world were suddenly cured of the dreaded disease known as, “Fallistheonlytimeofyeartorele asegamesitis.” It’s as difficult to say as it is to type, I assure you.

Everything is not as it seems, though.

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chrisyoung04222369d ago

Now you got me thinking. It almost makes too much sense to push them out.

Abash2369d ago

I think the delays are because of Call of Duty just like every year, nothing more

browland12369d ago

Definitely food for thought. Perhaps delaying games is becoming more of a strategic move than a need to take more time to develop them game. I guess we'll see if this hold true come E3.

firefoxprime2369d ago

-sighs- not cool. 2 weeks is startin to feel like 2 years man....

Summons752369d ago

see I thought the opposite, that the delays clearly show there will be no reveal at E3 seeing these games are already made for current gen

BitbyDeath2369d ago

Wouldn't you want to release them sooner so you'd have more time to work on nextgen stuff?

SuperStrokey11232369d ago

Thats what i was going to say... isnt this the opposite of what they would want to do? I dont know the economics of the cycle very well but wouldnt you want to release a big ticket game before the next line of hardware comes? I suspect that would make it harder to sell versions of the game no?

Can someone else chime in here and let me know if im totally off numbers wise? What happened last gen?

NastyLeftHook02369d ago

oh man, there going to reveal the ps4!

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The story is too old to be commented.