Capcom Announces Super Street Fighter IV: AE Exclusive Deal for PSN

After the announcement of the Street fighter 25th anniversary collectors edition. I Know Capcom might have more up their sleeves, and I was right!

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Son_Lee2396d ago

Rip-off. I can buy this in stores for around $16 used. Should have been $19.99.

soundslike2396d ago

They think we don't know that publishing online is massively cheaper. Its quite insulting when games do this.

Chrono2396d ago

They rely on the big retailers very much and they don't want to upset them by selling digital games cheaper than retail. The big retailers can threaten them of not selling their future games.

blackblades2395d ago

I know right another matter is that its 18GBs I have 11GB left so screw downloading it, as well all the other that's that high, only time you should buy something on psn is psn games, or it's really really cheap deal with dlc.

Agent Smith2396d ago

Maybe if it came with all DLC. Otherwise, lol.

Iceman X2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

Actually i just checked Gamestop.... it's $19 new $17 used. This should be the same price if not a little cheaper. They aren't giving you a book, box, no shipping, etc. Which means they're saving money. I recently got SSX from EA and i got no book. I did get a message saying book was in-game and thank you for helping them save money on paper. LOL, i was also like WTF how come i didn't get those savings?? It should have been $5 cheaper. Some companies are really trying to robbed you.....
Well i was suprised at Sony ALL Vita games are $5 cheaper from PSN. That's kool.

kagon012396d ago

Lmao!!! I bought the physical copy brand new at 15$ during the black Friday last year...

Skate-AK2396d ago

Give it free for PS+ or GTFO.

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