Shadow of the Colossus Director Named

The PlayStation 2's magnum opus is taking a step closer to hitting the big screen.

Josh Trank, whose previous credits include Chronicle, is taking the helm of the Sony Pictures backed movie. Whether Shadow of the Colossus makes any further moves towards theatres or fades away into obscurity (as so many video game movies have done in the past) remains to be seen. Trank is currently working on a reboot of the Fantastic Four and on a Venom spinoff so it may be some time before we get any concrete details for photography or even a script.

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Agent Smith2400d ago

Not a bad director. Loved Chronicle a lot more than I thought I would

h311rais3r2400d ago

Chronicle was surprisingly good. It was funny had good effects and believable characters. A little clIche but hey what isn't these days :/

fantasygamer2400d ago

Cool hopefully hes a fan of the game and doesn't try turning it into something different.

user54670072400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

No offense but the guys done one film and did some stuff for The Kill Point

I don't understand how Sony can take a chance with something highly rated as Shadow of the Colossus with a no name director who lets be honest got lucky with was good but not that good, but when it comes to the Uncharted movie they can't even take that kind of chance and give Nolan, Emily and Richard their parts...hell not even let Amy Hennig write the film or at least rewrite the game script for Uncharted Drakes Fortune to suit the big screen

Come on Sony

Agent Smith2400d ago

What's the problem with him doing one film? David O. Russell was on board to direct the Uncharted film and he's made many great films like Three Kings and The FIghter, and yet everyone was tearing him apart.

Warner Bros. let Christopher Nolan take the chance to reboot Batman with Batman Begins even though he was only known for his cult classic movie Momento, but now every movie he makes are all well received.

user54670072400d ago


David O Russel didn't have the interest for the film thats why no one liked his vision for Uncharted. He's an arsehole

Warner Bros didn't give him the chance, they give him the job to do it since he seemed like the best. He prooved himself

I'm just saying Sony are so quick to take a chance for this guy and yet people like Nolan who have been with them for years is a big no no

Hardly fair...

PirateThom2400d ago

He doesn't have enough experience.

Bigbangbing2400d ago

No one does for a SotC movie..

Because there shouldn't be one, SotC is a game, a gem, it tells a story not by dialog, but through an experience that only a game could provide. Wonder if Ueda is involved in this..

Just imagine, Wander chit-chatting with the colossi. Please don't ruin such a masterpiece..

Hicken2400d ago

Depending on who does it, they may well do it like the game: almost no dialogue. It would be like Wall-e: the best part was the first half, when there was virtually no talking.

I think SotC lends itself to the big screen easily, provided the studio stays VERY close to the source material. That means not a lot of talking, not a bunch of stuff added, minimal deviations from the original. Done right, it can fill 90 minutes, at least.

smashcrashbash2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Well for it to be a movie they have to change it at least a little. Watching a movie with no talking and just slowly searching for a Colossus one at a time may not exactly be an attraction for everyone. They are going to have to spice it up at least a little.

@ MikeCosgrove.I think you are being overly harsh. How is Chronicle just getting lucky? Why couldn't to be he had a good idea and executed it properly? Do you also think the people who made their first movie were also lucky that it worked? Everyone was a 'no named director' at some point in their life.Besides with the notorious way game movies always end up do you really believe that they could get any high end director to do this.

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The story is too old to be commented.