Microsoft at E3: What to Expect

E3 2012 is fast approaching, and as usual, the big three platform holders will be holding their respective press conferences on Monday and Tues (June 4 and 5) right before E3 itself officially opens its doors. There have been tons of rumors about Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, but what should we realistically expect to see?

GamesIndustry International rounded up several leading games analysts to get their take on each of the console manufacturers. In part one, we'll take a look at Microsoft. In parts two and three we'll showcase Sony and Nintendo (which is the actual order of their briefings.)

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donniebaseball2371d ago

Would be nice if they'd give us at least some small hint of next-gen, but I anticipate no such mention.

Akuma-2371d ago

It's Microsoft so expect nothing of substance

Ben_Grimm2371d ago

just like your comments!

OllieBoy2371d ago

I'm expecting the most boring conference ever.

They pretty much forfeited by saying their main focus won't be about games.

Khordchange2371d ago

Let me guess Halo 4(which we've seen in depth for a while now), Kinect, and more social apps. exciting........

Rashonality2371d ago

lol, i wrote the same thing minus Halo 4 seconds after you

Rashonality2371d ago

Kinect crap and more social shit like (e.g. IE for xbox, google+ app....those kinda things)
i really hope i'm wrong

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The story is too old to be commented.