Is the PlayStation Vita Dead in the Water? - It’s only been a few months since the Western World got their hands on Sony’s shiny new portable system, and already, people are preparing for its funeral. In fact, worries began appearing shortly after its launch in Japan, with weekly sales quickly entering a downward spiral that still hasn’t reversed. By the end of February, soon after the system appeared in the US, Europe, and Australia, Worldwide sales stood at 1.2 million; by the end of March, only 600,000 more had made their way into the hands of gamers.

Many are calling the Vita “dead”, and lamenting Sony for not pushing harder on studios to get major titles out. But is it too early to start pointing fingers and placing blame?

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jacksonmichael2397d ago

My serious answer is no. My less serious answer is, hopefully not, Innocence R isn't out here yet.

black9112397d ago

Here's Whats the Vita needs to do sell.

Free or Cheap 3G!

Imagine if I only had to pay about $50 a year for mobile online handheld gaming anywhere. You'd be able to play call of duty anywhere. And it also allows you to browse the web,watch netflix,facebook,youtube even face chat. Sony needs to come up with a something quick.

JhawkFootball062397d ago

Sony needs to advertise it more

THESONYPS32397d ago

I feel people lack a basic quality now a days. PATIENCE. If you decide to be an early adopter realize YOU will have to wait for a substantial library to be built and supported by the community. To write a system off 3 months after its US debut is absurd.

FriedGoat2397d ago

And what's funny is, The Vita lineup has been the best in YEARS. I'm still loving my Vita. Unlike my 3DS which didn't have ANY software for ages. It even lacked a basic webbrowser and store :/
PSN alone has more vita titles on it than the 3DS has on its store, and its been out for a YEAR.

Pillville2397d ago

@FriedGoat although the 3DS had the ENTIRE collection of original DS games available at launch. So when someone bought a 3DS, they had 100s of games that they could buy for it.

da_2pacalypse2397d ago

@pillville You make so much sense!!!! Hey guys, I have a perfectly fine ds, but I'm going ot purchase a 3DS so i can replay the exact same games on my new shiny $250 system!!!! WOOOOOOO


Pillville2397d ago

1) Do you really think everyone who buys a 3DS already has a DS?

2) Having 100% Backward compatibility is a HUGE selling point for new systems. Existing DS owners can upgrade and still be able to play all their DS games.

topekomsi2396d ago

@pillvill The vita also has psp compatibility (even if somewhat limited) that still makes the # of games a vita owner has to choose from pretty good.

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dangert122397d ago

have not spotted any in the water yet...ill let you know

Tainted Gene2397d ago

lol, stupid seagulls.

(since they're the ones taking the "dead" vitas from the ocean)

MasonicGamer2397d ago

Hand on heart I want it to be a great but there are just no games, I have played my vita 2 or 3 times since I bought it and at the moment it is sat back in its box.

Lets see what E3 brings and hopefully we will see some great games that this system deserves

user54670072397d ago

No...just no

Don't play the "Theres no games" speech, there are games, some great ones in fact....hell theres more then what the 3DS offered when that came out.

MasonicGamer2397d ago

Name 10 games that have pushed Vita or in fact are fresh and new?

There is 1 that I can think of that is fresh and that is Escape Plan...

There are no games and the few games that are available do not warrant the high price tag for a digital download but that is a different argument.

As i said I so want the vita to do well but we know sales are low, marketing is bad and without those killer AAA titles the future is bleak...

one2thr2397d ago

Army Corps of Hell
Escape plan
F1 2011
Hot Shots Golf
Little Deviants
Mortal Kombat
Modnation Racer
MLB 12 the Show
Lego Harry potter
Hustle king
Fifa soccer
Micheal Jackson the experience
Pinball Arcade
Plants vs Zombies
Playstatioj fire works
Playstation table soccer
Reality Fighters
Ridge Racer
Super Star dust
Mma unrestricted
Tales from space
Touch my katamari
ultimate MvsC
Unit 13
Virtue tennis
Wipeout 2048
And the 3DS is full of games that came out on previous consoles, and yet it didnt get bombarded in the way that Vita is. It seems as though people like you have some sort of secret grudge against the Vita. Did it by any chance come into your house and kick your dog or better yet 3DS? Like dude wheres the beef, coming from?
Lay off guy, its going to be the same thing that happened with the PS3 and 360. "Oh the PS3 is wack cause it has no games" now look where its at, it over shines its competition with higher quality games that are available for them as of now... Geez dude, you need a hug lmao

firefoxprime2397d ago

All I can say is there's always room for improvement.

kikizoo2397d ago

Oh look, one2thr is teaching what a guy with a blog should start to know before spreading stupid things...

poor troll, today everyone is making dumb game's blogs.

Dojan1232397d ago

Needs a great on the go multiplayer FPS and people will buy. Better yet it needs to be able to play against PS3 players.

A true COD will sell systems for kids who can get enough of COD when at grama'a house for chirstmas.

darx2397d ago

one2, that list sucks.

TekoIie2397d ago

Mike i own 2 games (Uncharted and MK) for my Vita and then its a case of everything else looks mediocre or not my sort of game.

It desperately needs support on the level of the 3DS.

god_o_war2397d ago

LOL what support is the 3ds geting?
bought a 3ds last year with OOT,
after completing OOT there was literally NOTHING new on the 3ds til what december 2011?
Kid Icarus delayed till a few months ago has anyone got their hands on munster hunter for 3ds? hows dream drop distance?
my point is 3ds has had terrible support but because its cheap and competing with SONY people ignore its flaws...

tiffac0082396d ago


Don't forget at the same time period after its release the 3DS was also criticized for the lack of games/support outside of its 1st party. No surprise the Vita is in the same situation in that regards.

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MariaHelFutura2397d ago

"Between the head and hands there must be the heart"

Bell Boy2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago ) seriously expect us to believe you bought the supposed overpriced Vita with no research on what software it launched with and upcoming release dates...and have only played it 2 to 3 times

Seriously it can't be your money to be dropping that amount with no idea what your deserve to have made a purchasing error (not your 1st I wager)

Hicken2397d ago

one2thr has a massive list of games down there. They may not all appeal to you; they may not all be AAA quality. But how you can look at a less than six month-old system and say that number is the same as "no games" is a scientific mystery.

If your Vita is sitting in its box, that is purely your fault. Between the library of Vita-only games, whatever you can play from your PS3, and all the PSP titles available, there's SOMETHING to catch your interest. And if there's NOTHING in all that gaming that DOES interest you, then perhaps gaming isn't for you, after all...

Ben_Grimm2397d ago

I love the way you get all upset and call people out by name like you did me. You have no idea or the definition of Troll.

All those AAA titles you keep yelling about and yet the Vita is no where near selling the way the it should be.

It's obvious there is something wrong with the system. Just because the system is not someone's choice and they feel to voice their opinion on it doesn't automatically make them a troll.

Grow the hell up.

badz1492397d ago

what is this "it has no games" thing? what are these things that I've been playing on my Vita?

so far I have played Uncharted GA, UMvC3, Rayman Origins, Motorstorm RC, Escape Plan, Little Deviants, and Unit13 in little than 6 months after I got mine! many more I haven't got time(money too) to get them as I'm gaming on PS3 too but no games? that's BS!

Bowzabub2397d ago

Name 10 must have games the 3DS had in it's first 3 months. Take your time..

Aggesan2397d ago

...even better, name 10 must have games ANY platform had in its first three months.

MasterCornholio2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Ooooo wait I know the answer to that.

Pilot Wings and Nintendo Dogs and Nintendo Cats. Yup those games were much better than any of the Vitas launch titles, I guess we know what kind of taste Nintendo fans have in games because of this.

Lol I didn't mean to offend the fans but the Vita was out on the market for a very short amount of time and it already has a better library than the 3DS shortly after its launch. Anyways the logical thing to do is wait until E3 and see what Sony announces for the Vita. Maybe they will announce system sellers for the holidays that will cause the Vita to fly off shelves or maybe they will stop producing the Vita due to low sales and the competition being so strong. We won't know the answers till E3.


Virtual_Reality2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

one2thr added the list of games, and MasonicGamer didn't even replied, this guy got owned.

Ser2397d ago

Wow, really? I've been playing MK9 on my Vita like...almost nonstop since it released. It's a blast.

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NovusTerminus2397d ago

Well, in truth most gaming systems go through a rough spot at launch... Anyone remember the first year on the PS3? Not allot for it, but now look at it.

Just give it some time.

one2thr2397d ago

Sad thing is, most people still don't understand this phase... But kudos to you

CommonSenseGamer2397d ago

Most of those games you listed above were shovelware. The Vita lacks some AAA exclusives, not ports but exclusives. The Vita needs some AAA games and a price cut to attract more consumers. Games alone wont do it.

AnotherProGamer2397d ago

another website looking for hits.

fazor3d2397d ago

Yeah, how dare a website post articles that are designed to get people to read them.

. . . ?

suicidalblues2397d ago

"Yeah, how dare a website post articles that look like they were written by middle-schoolers and come just shy of blatant bs just to get people to read them."

Fixed for you.