Video Break down of Capcoms Street Fighter 25th Aniv. Set

Here is a video break down of the contents of the Street Fighter 25th anniversary set!

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TheSuperior 2397d ago

I am going to buy this :)

jacksonmichael2397d ago

It comes out in September? Yeah, I might buy that. Being a collector and boycotting a company is really hard.

AgentSmith2397d ago

I feel your pain! this is one of the most amazing collectors edition's I have ever seen, but Capcom still suck's!

Whitefeather2397d ago

I hear ya, I'm gonna have to buy this though.

KillerPwned2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Damn I wanna own this but at the same time I bet it will sell nicely on ebay.

thrashermario2397d ago

wait 6 months later until they come out with the super ultimate street fighter 25th anniversary edition guy's.

user54670072397d ago

I hope they are bringing this to Europe...does anyone know if they are?

Why can't they do a RE styled one

They should bring RE0 out for other systems (the exclusive thing with Nintendo must be over by now) with the RE remake, then bundle RE2, 3, CV HD and RE4 HD as discs and then loads of STAR goodies.

I'm surprized they havent announced a RE6 CE yet...and I'm not talking about that overpriced leather jacket one.

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