Characters That Don't Need An HD Remake

Not all games or characters need an HD remake. These five should stay the way they are now and leave the lands of high definition be. They work best like this. No reason to spoil them.

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Dispy2371d ago

Speaking of games that SHOULD get a HD remake,Crash Bandicoot. I would love to see a Crash Bandicoot re-work of the first 4 games (Naughty Dogs Crash games)Atleast theres a chance for that furry fellow to get some space in Battle Royale :)

Fylus2371d ago

I wonder who's the sad troll that gave you a disagree.

Dispy2365d ago

People tend to Diaagree on anything thats againts their own opinion, but glad there is other people her ewho feel the same way as I do :)

abzdine2371d ago

I want Final Fantasy HD Collection announced during E3 !!
Thumbs up if you are with !

Moby-Royale2371d ago

This isn't youtube....

Aw screw it...

*gives thumbs up* lol

Magnus2371d ago

I'd play an HD remake of Super Mario RPG or even a sequel to the game lol it was a great game.