Predicting The 2012 Summer Of Arcade

Every year, Microsoft runs a Summer of Arcade promotion which features 4 high-profile Xbox Live Arcade titles releasing within a 4 week period. While no details have yet to be given about the games we will see this year, here is our prediction for the games we’ll see within the Summer of Arcade 2012.

- Trendy Gamers

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BringingTheThunder1945d ago

i guess rock band blitz, hybrid and counter strike will be there.

NastyLeftHook01945d ago

counter strike would be great.

strangelove1945d ago

I'm always too cheap to buy any of these games, but it is cool that they give smaller devs the limelight every once in a while. Judging by how hot it is outside, we'll see if these predictions come true pretty soon.

TrendyGamers1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

They usually give you 800MSP back depending if you buy them all.

Ben_Grimm1945d ago

Love the Summer of Arcade, love it!

JohnApocalypse1945d ago

What about Retro City Rampage?

Rob Hornecker1945d ago

I'll take Hybrid and Counter strike PLEASE!

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