Far Cry 2 is now available on GOG, is DRM-free and priced at $9.99

DSOGaming writes: "Good news for all those who boycotted Ubisoft’s games due to their DRM implementations as GOG has added Ubisoft’s title to its catalogue and, like all GOG-games, this edition of Far Cry 2 is DRM-free. Entitled as Far Cry 2: Fortune’s Edition, this special version is patched to the most recent version and includes the Fortunes Pack DLC that added three new weapons and two new vehicles to the game, as well as several new multiplayer maps."

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PiccoloGR2400d ago

Way to go GOG. DRM-Free version FTW

sonicsidewinder2400d ago

Remember when Far Cry 2 looked like that?

Cus I don't.