Introducing KickBeat, a Music Combat Game for PS Vita

PS.Blog: Hello, PlayStation fans! I’m very excited to tell you about our new game: KickBeat. It’s a music game; it just doesn’t look like one. Check it out, and then after the jump I’ll tell you about how it works and some of the development history.

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FriedGoat1975d ago

I love rhythm games, I love Vita, but this concept looks dire. Luckily Theatrerythm will be out soon.

Snookies121975d ago

I dunno, I think it looks kinda neat... Usually I'm not into many Rhythm games, but it's certainly original. Guess we'll have to see and hear how it plays out... lol

FriedGoat1975d ago

Well, I've been playing rhythm games for years. This looks terrible. I may get downvoted but anyone who at least has played a decent rhythm game would know this.

Snookies121975d ago

@FriedGoat - Yeah, but how can you tell if you haven't actually played it? Just seeing a video of a game never does it justice, you have to at least give it a chance.

jujubee881975d ago

Man, I am loving these music games VITA is getting. "DJMAX Technika Tune", , "Orgarhythm", "Sound Shapes", and now "KickBeat".

The audio on the VITA is pretty great too, so the more I can use my expensive headphones with it, the better.

DJLB21151975d ago

Finally some people are thinking outside of the box. Bring it on, cant wait to play it!

smashcrashbash1975d ago

Kung Fu dance party. Awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.