Games Aren’t Fun [Feedback Loop]

Are achievement points and badges fun? Is pushing or requiring success what makes good games? Kill Screen's Richard Clark doesn't think so, but Greg Saw disagrees. We don't have a universal metric for fun, nor can fun be enforced. Saw breaks down a more diverse view.

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showtimefolks2367d ago

I play games for fun and while doing that if i could get trophies its extras i am not gonna go out of my way to get a trophy. I kind of feel sorry for people who when a new game comes out looks at trophy and just say i have to get each one even if doing some of the things are not fun

Lord_Sloth2367d ago

Agreed. I look at the trophy list for a good laugh (some devs put some nice puns in there, mainly BlazBlue) but won't go out of my way for them if I consider them too annoying.

Games are the main attractions. Trophies are an extra feature.

vividi2367d ago

well there are gamers that have fun unlocking trophies and achievements, so its just personal taste, don't feel sorry be happy

glennco2367d ago

games are what you make them. there are no rules when you are playing SP. do what you want. sandbox games are a good example... i can play GTA for hours and not do a single mission. in EA skate I set my own challenges and can spend hours on a spot adding objects etc. I can spend hours just doing lap after lap in forza in hot lap without caring about advancing my career. who cares.

play it how you want. if you are playing heaps of games and not having fun then you obviously do not play games for fun. a mate of mine plays BF3 too seriously for the rest of us to even want to play with him. HE doesn't play it for fun and that is his choice.

they are just games