PS Vita - Official price drop on First-Party Titles

Sony has announced a official price drop for some First-Party Titles on PlayStation Store.

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Elderly_Cynic2400d ago

Now if only they'd announce a price drop for the Vita itself... maybe at E3.

Halochampian2400d ago

I read the first 5 words and I was like "YES! Time to go buy one!" The last took the excitement out.

I'll probably hold out just a tad longer at least til E3 to listen for just what you said.

SandWitch2400d ago

You read really slowly D:

jujubee882400d ago

Sony have already announced that they will release white PS VITA's around the holidays and the price of those are around the same price (In japan) as the current price, which indicates no price cut.

FriedGoat2400d ago

vita will not get a price drop. if you knew sony you would know that.

irepbtown2400d ago

I'm waiting a tad bit longer (just after E3 most likely).

Everytime I play on my friends Vita I am extremely tempted to buy one. But I'm holding my guns and waiting. Hopefully a price drop then I'll splash out all the money needed and throw in a few games for myself.

Come on E3!! where are ya???

Aloren2400d ago

@FriedGoat why not ? The PS3 had its first price drop in july 2007, that's like 8 months after it came out.

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Nutsack2400d ago

Actually with the new announced EU bundles they sort of did already.

WiFi Vita with Uncharted and a memcard for the normal price of 250 Euro.

Uncharted = 40 to 50 EUro in shops. Memcard starts at 20 Euro.

So one could say the PSVita is sold for around 190 Euro.

Soldierone2400d ago

Same deals everywhere in US too. Buy a Vita get a free game (I think at Target) and a bunch of other places are doing packaged deals.

The Vita itself isn't pricey, its the memory cards. I'm not asking for a Vita price drop, just some memory card price drops.

CrimsonSquall2400d ago

Yea I just ordered a VITA today for $255 and it was the 3g wifi bundle which comes with 8gb memory stick, a month season pass and a free choice of psn game. Great value for me haha, granted I went to lockerz to get it but whatever. It's a great website though if you're a member!

boldstarr2400d ago

@ Soldierone

Yea, you nail it! its the Mem card that needs to have a price drop. and i demand a higher cap, say 64 and 128Gb. i hate having multiple card, sometimes it got lost.

himdeel2399d ago

Yes memory cards need to drop in price by at least 60%. Those things are a rip off! I'm holing off on game purchases to get the largest memory card which is kind of sucky.

I've never sold a hand held game back to anyone so I'm going the download route with my Vita. I bought Uncharted on a card and it hasn't left my Vita since I put it in there.

I also think all games should be cheaper on the store.

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GraveLord2400d ago

That'd be great, but if I had to pick, I choose more games, preferably exclusive games that are not coming to PS3.

meganick2400d ago

I don't have an issue with the price of the Vita itself. It's the price of the memory cards that really bugs me.

NellyNel_7_1_32400d ago

That why I am waiting until Sony announce a price drop on the memory card. I got mine vita already, and I am doing just fine without any games for it. when the memory card price drop then that when i will start buying games for mine vita.

mcstorm2399d ago

meganick I agree with you I got the 16GB from Zavvi for £29.99 which I think is expensive but I think if Sony drop the pices of most of the games like the ones they have they can keep the price of the device as it is and bundle a Games 8GB memory card for £250 I don't think that is a bad deal but its biggest problem is a lot of the games are pointless. I got MNR with mine as I love the one on the PS3 but without MP races it is pointless as this is where the fun carry's on on this type of game.

But the device is only young and I expect to see better games start coming out for the device soon.

wampdog292400d ago

Or atleast the Memory Cards....

MrMister2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

@ Elderly_Cynic: 33 people who disagreed with you are just mad because they were foolish enough to pay $250-300 for the Vita, when everyone knows that it only costs Sony half that price to make it. So, the window for a price drop is very possible.

Don't believe it? Here's the proof:

kingdavid2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Doesn't take into account research and development costs just sayin..

+ marketing + everything else to what makes the vita what it is today.

The fact you use material cost as the only way to justify how much sony is profiting is short sighted.

SantanaClaus892400d ago

It makes no sense to me that people are expecting a price cut already. When the price was announced at E3 last year everyone applauded because it was thought that the Vita would actually cost more than $250.

Now after 3 months everyone says its too expensive and needs a price cut? The 3DS was the exception, not the rule. Expect a Vita price cut at next year's E3.

Aloren2400d ago

Maybe the 3DS was the exception, but when your choices are limited to 2 consoles, the fact that one of them got an exceptional price cut kinda jeopardizes the future of the other one if it doesn't get its own exceptional price cut...

Nutsack2399d ago

Well, if the device not selling like it should, has really bad sales numbers in its homeland Japan, sells below the 3DS with an enormous gap between them and even gets outsold by its little brother PSP...

Sony seems to be in the same position the 3DS is. They even had something extra the 3DS didn't have: a wide range of games at launch, with actually some good titles.

Ofcourse it needs more exclusive content instead of all these PS3 big brother ports, but still.

Sales are bad, you can't say 'Everybody was happy with its price last years E3', because the cards have shifted. Its not about being expensive, its about what the right marketprice is. And with only one competitor there that runs around 160 to 170, yes 250 is too much.

The new deals are starting to look promissing though. If Sony introduces packages with a 40 to 50 Euro game and a memcard for the same price as a WiFi PSVita, we can expect that the normal model without those drops to 189 to 199 soonish.

WitWolfy2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

I think people applauded that time because they didnt know they would have to buy an extra over expensive memory unit separately at that time.

Think about it All and all a PSV costs just a bit over a $300 dollars if you add the memory unit and the device together.

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chasegarcia2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

can't wait for US price drops.

abzdine2400d ago

i'm more waiting for real games than a price drop.. Ok it has a nice launch set of titles but none of them is really special cause most of them are just sequels.

Let's cross fingers for games announcements at E3

Patriots_Pride2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Good news now I wait for the VITA price drop.

abzdine2400d ago

it's first party GAMES it's far !

Tony-A2400d ago

Same here.. well, I'm going to buy the Vita regardless within a few weeks' time, but I'm waiting to see if anything happens at E3 before I go buy one.

If it drops in price, that's more games and accessories I can buy for it! If not, it looks like I'll be restricted to just the Vita, memory stick and 1 game for the time being :/