Wii U Darksiders 2 graphics "at least as good" as PS3, Xbox 360 versions'

The graphics of the Wii U version of Darksiders 2 are "at least as good" as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions', developer Vigil has said.

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Titanz2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

It's not about the Wii U being at parity with current gen HD consoles (It's been stated as a "fact" that the Wii U packs more hardware power than the PS3 and Xbox 360), it's about the ease of game development.

1 programmer, 5 minutes, and two lines of codes, to get Darksiders ll running on the Wii Upad controller. The Wii U console is very, "developer friendly" (which translates into; a lot of 3rd party support).

KonaBro2396d ago

And yet graphics will be at least as good as PS3/360? Spin it however you want but it has nothing to do with game development. It's obvious Nintendo is going to put hardware that is a little bit better than PS3/360 but they aren't going to go much further than that. The Wii showed them that they can make money with weak hardware and Wii U looks to continue that trend.

Also, developer friendly does not translate to a lot of 3rd party support because many third party studios decided not to make games for the Wii because they didn't want to go against the Nintendo first-party juggernauts. Nintendo might have Ubisoft and Vigil games on board, but I highly expect the same trend to continue for Wii U unless Nintendo can prove that it is worthwhile to develop games on the Wii U when they can make more money on the HD twins for considerable less money.

Chromer2396d ago

KonaBro dropping bombs.

Statix2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

The reality of the current situation in videogame development is that being "developer friendly" has nothing to do with how much 3rd party support a console gets. If your console has a large install base, then it doesn't matter whatsoever how hard or easy your console is to develop for. The PS3, for example, gets nearly every 3rd party, multiplatform game that comes out, yet it's generally considered the most complex console to develop for.

3rd party developers will make games for your console, so long as it has a large enough install base.

Arnon2396d ago

"One developer working on Wii U, who wished to remain anonymous, told Eurogamer Wii U ports will at best look as good as PS3 and Xbox 360 games."

Lol... an anonymous developer.

Ben_Grimm2396d ago

"It's obvious Nintendo is going to put hardware that is a little bit better than PS3/360 but they aren't going to go much further than that."

How do you know this? The multiplats for Ps3 and 360 have very little graphical differences so why cant we apply it to the WiiU?

"many third party studios decided not to make games for the Wii because they didn't want to go against the Nintendo first-party juggernauts."

Gawd you are so wrong. Many third parties didn't make games for Wii because most of them couldnt be ported to Wii due to extra work redefining the controls or just lack of power.

"when they can make more money on the HD twins for considerable less money."

Speechless, you just blurt out things that make no sense what so ever.

GraveLord2396d ago

Sometimes developer-friendly isn't enough.
You also need good relationships with 3rd party publishers. This is what Nintendo lacks.

EA publicly announcing their support of Wii U last year at E3 was a step in the right direction. More of that please.

PopRocks3592396d ago

Wow, the commenters here are sharp. A week after Gearbox says that the Wii U version of their current gen game will look better than the other two, everyone feels the need to let this announcement suddenly dictate the Wii U's graphical prowess. Wait until E3 when we some exclusives as oppose to 3rd party multiplatforms that are being ported to Wii U.

Also, to those of you who say that development has nothing to do with it, look at the PS3 and 360. The 360 won a lot of early adopters because it had more games on it. This was because the PS3 was difficult to develop games on.

MariaHelFutura2396d ago

Why all of a sudden is everyone so concerned w/ how much profit these companies make?

jeseth2395d ago

Congratulations, you've vreated a game on a brand new console that looks "at least as good" as 2 systems that are 6 and 7 years respectively.

This is why I am still so dissapointed in Nintendo, the system I grew up on. I haven't been impressed with Nintendo since SNES came out, and N64 after that.

"At least as good", hilarious. That means Gears and Uncharted will look exceptionally better considering Darksiders isn't a very good looking game to begin with!

joab7772395d ago

it makes no sense. Is this a complememt? Our system is a little better than an archaic console that is getting iys a$% kicked by pc right. No, it isnt. So, this remote better be the next coming of motion control for casual players or...I guess i understand that their first party games that sell alot do not need the newest tech, and i understand that no one is gonna buy the wiiU as their main hardcore gaming machine, but had they made a significant jump, they coulda made a move like microsoft did last gen or at least make some gamers who buy one consider whether they really need to drop $600 on a ps4 or 720. Yeah, they can be viable with their first party titles but they were number one because of motion control, not mario. And, how will it feel to have the crappy version of disney epic mickey 3 when it does come? A game that was initially made for nintendo is multiplatform now and if it makes a 3rd game, it will release on 720 and ps4. Im a little confused. Many gamers arent going to drop money for 2 reasons. 1, is that they are waiting for the release of the 720 or ps4 & 2, there are enough great big blockbusters to keep them busy until then. Whata missed opportunity.

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donman12396d ago

The play on words, intentional or not, is how these debates on the GPU capability of the Wii U constantly comes into question. If he had said the PS3 and the Xbox360 visuals are on par with the Wii U then we would not have these battles with fanboys.

Listen, it is less than three weeks left to E3 2012.. try not to get caught up in all this crazy talk of the Wii U being a supercomputer with future GPU or it being less powerful than the Atari (clearly i am exaggerate what being post on this site and others.)

Amphion2396d ago basically a brand new system is as good as a 7 year old one. Awesome......

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2396d ago

Exactly, all Nintendo has to do now is research for a time traveling machine and they will be able to compete for the core gamers market they claim to want!

swat_teem2396d ago

COOL where can i get one of those time machines :P lets change the past who needs that anyway

Moncole2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

The devs said its as good as PC on high settings.
In another article I read

Farsendor12396d ago

did you really believe that? i don't think even ps4 and xbox 8 are going to have enough hardware to do that.

yabhero2396d ago

That was Crytek... they said the got CyrEngine 3 running at high on WiiU... not that the WiiU overall is as good as a high end PC but that it can run games on high...
the reason this guy said this is NOT because WiiU is on the same level PS3 and Xbox, he said this to shut up those idiots who thought the WiiU was weaker than current gen... little did he know... LOL that hater would turn into something else

abzdine2396d ago

I'm not gonna wait for a 399$+ Wii U to play Darksiders 2. I'll stick with the PS3 version !

legend9112396d ago

It's $300, real smart buddy.

Skate-AK2396d ago

I highly doubt Wii U will be $300.

legend9112396d ago

Yes Skate, they are not going to put that kind of hardware in and do that. Like the saying goes, you guys are quick to believe negative and very unlikely rumors, most proven to be a fake, but when something positive comes up, "OMAGAWSH, THIS IS FAKE, NOT TRUE! WII U SUCKS!" Real mature guys.

Mykky2396d ago

I agree with you on both of your comments. Nintendo won't overprice the Wii U I think they should have learned from the Wii and the 3DS. Wii selling like hotcakes and the 250$ 3DS that no one wanted to buy.
I think 300-350$ sounds good.

Fishy Fingers2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

Not to shabby, if launch titles can live up to 6+ years current console experience. It must have a reasonable amount of juice. Clearly not "next-gen" though.

Seems people forget that the PS3/360 launch titles didnt exactly showcase the consoles potential.

nolifeking2396d ago

Regardless, none of them were "on par" with games from the previous generation.

BattleTorn2396d ago


I don't get why their making it sound like an accomplishment for the Wii U to get "on par" with the PS3/X360.

What's the situation going to be in a year, or two? When Crysis 3 comes out, or other games that are a few years away.

Like, will the Wii U be able to play Bungie's new IP - aka Destiny? Or games like Fallout4, or Assassins Creed 4 (when they're announced) Those are the questions that should be important.

Not, whether or not the Wii U is "on par" to last gen, at launch.

dragonyght2396d ago

"Darksiders II Wii U graphics at least as good as PS3, Xbox 360"
oh really thats a bad sign lol

LOL_WUT2396d ago

Yup, not looking good. Also its funny how people bring up Gearbox (the makers of Aliens) to counter this when they are not even known for making spectacular graphics.

PopRocks3592396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

You people are either very good trolls or incredibly stupid.


Since when are Vigil and THQ known for super detailed graphics?

Epic and Crytek are both on the positive side of the Wii U and they're both huge on video game graphics. Your argument is a complete failure.

ATi_Elite2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

that is just the Devs making a PS3/360 version and just porting the game over to the Wiiu and PC!

Not enough time for proper Development or just being LAZY! I'll go with the first one cause the game was in development long ago.

The WiiU is FAR superior than the PS3/360! It has an AMD HD4000 series GPU in it.

The HD4000 GPU KILLS the Nvidia RSX/7800 (PS3) and the AMD X1800 GPU (360)!

torchic2396d ago

oh that's right, you're a Nintendo employee that's how you know all the Wii U specs. gotcha.

end sarcasm.

ronin4life2396d ago

"At least" means that this level of power is a starting point.
Such a starting point on a quick port/multiplatform game seems to say that the wiiu is pretty capable, not barely capable.

Unless, of course, you would say the ps3 is as powerful as the 360 because they both run CoD the same.