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Capcom announces a Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set

Can’t get enough of Street Fighter, even with all of its remakes, ports and editions? Capcom has got quite the collection for you.

Officially titled the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set, this epic package, priced at $149.99 gives you a plethora of Street Fighter games, music, video and artwork. Purchasers get four Street Fighter titles – Street Fighter x Tekken, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, and Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition. And that doesn’t include all the animated movies, music soundtracks, and artbooks you’d be getting.

The Collector’s Set will be psycho-crushing your skull on PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 18. It’s in limited quantities, so you might want to jump on this the moment it comes out. (Capcom, Culture, PS3, Retro, Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Xbox 360)

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ieatbabies  +   1229d ago
Again? Damn, Capcom! You're that desperate....
Prototype  +   1229d ago
You'd expect at least Street Fighter 2 from the arcades, along with the Alpha series; that would be a collection, not 4 recent games, an anime, art book, and music.
DarkSymbiote  +   1228d ago
Seriously, no Alpha 3, no consideration.
killerhog  +   1229d ago
Oh my god!!! Ohhh my godddd!!! Holy crap!!!

Waste of money. Dont people already own all this?? I know my brother does (except for thirdstrike online edition and sf x tkn which aren't with it)

P.s: the sf4 movie sucked arse and the juri ova was alright. The sf2 animated movie is more-than-likey the censored version they included in the other anniversary collection. Who the hell wants fanart?

This package isn't worth it at all. Like if Capcom is trying to clear unwanted merchandise. They should of included legend of chun-li to really stick it at people
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Rynx  +   1229d ago
Yeah this "collectors" edition is weak.
killerhog  +   1229d ago
They should of included the legend of chun-Li to really have sold this product. I mean they added the crappy American anime series so why not lol? Along with a crappy sf4 anime and a censored sf2 anime movie. Oh also add the even crappier motion comic they made(round 2)


Yeah we're haters, people who have been playing sf longer than you and own every game possibly made except for the ones not worth it. Man if me and my bro were to list the sf games we own you'll die from feeling like a moron.
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WildStyles  +   1229d ago
Street Fighter X Tekken shouldn't be included period.
Robotronfiend  +   1228d ago
I agree, but they had to do something with those unsold copies sitting in their warehouses, offices, and closets. You can only use so many coffee cup coasters in the office. DLC can also mean Drink-Locked Coasters, meaning you can only use the coaster for one type of drink unless you pay extra or customize it bedazzler gems.
yewles1  +   1229d ago
"All episodes of the Street Fighter animated series"

They BETTER mean SFIIV...
MissAubrey  +   1228d ago
from the look of the blu ray box its not street fighter IIV
Tainted Gene  +   1227d ago
Ideally they should include it.

Realistically, no a chance sadly. Loved SF2V growing up.
Vandamme21  +   1229d ago
Your haters needs to stfu...if u don't like the way they do business..then don't comment on their stuff.
Rynx  +   1228d ago
Dude this is a lazy copy & paste collection of stuff. No Alpha series? Or even Online enabled Alpha 3? No Alpha Movie? At least that one was better than the Street Fighter IV movie.

I already own Street Fighter Alpha Anthology (which includes all the alpha games and Pocket Fighter), Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (which includes all the SFII games, SFIII and the SFII animated Movie) and The Street Fighter IV collectors edition (which came with the SFIV movie and a soundtrack CD). I also own SSFIV and AE (disc). So I'm pretty sure I'm not some random hater jumping on the "Crapcom" bandwagon. This collection is weak, hands down!

They have the audacity to include SFxT, which is hardly a stand-alone SF title. They might as well could have included UMVC3 while they're at it and thrown in CVS2 for good measure.

They're really not trying anymore. Bobble heads, a gym bag and water bottle for their Super SFIV collector's edition, really?

I know where my money is going. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 "We are Tekken" Collector's edition.
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Robotronfiend  +   1228d ago
We'll keep quiet about the odd selection in this bundle if we can instead hate on your awful dancing from the bar scene in Kickboxer.
abzdine  +   1229d ago
Capcom should announce a Resident Evil with Old School gameplay and next gen graphics if they want my money.
Fatty  +   1228d ago
Gonna buy it, keep it sealed, then sell it for a bunch more in a few years. I still regret not getting one of the SF Anniversary fight sticks a few years ago.
josephayal  +   1228d ago
Day one babe!
MissAubrey  +   1228d ago
why couldnt they put the DLC, HD remix and 3rd strike on disc?
kagon01  +   1228d ago
To control it...(consider that content as a rent)

Once the online service is done the dlc will vanish...
dmixwell  +   1228d ago
ima say it again ,how about they release them damn animated movies we been seeing on youtube that never got released

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