Michael Chiniquy: “The Horror Genre Is A Shell Of Its Former Self”

The man behind hugely-intriguing indie project Sound Of Silence tells FMV Magazine how the shameful neglect of horror fans inspired him to conceive the ultimate psychological-horror experience – and why the dominance of profit-chasing publishers means it’s now up to indie developers and enthusiasts to bring back the abandoned genres gamers love.

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ArchangelMike2396d ago

Don't forget that we're all growing up. What used to scare the pants of you a few years ago now looks like a cartoon.

Myst2396d ago

Exactly It seems that for us to be stricken with horror at this point it would really have to push the envelope or something. Though I think it would still be very much possible to scare us with the graphics and sound effects we have today it seems possible just that some companies move away from it.

shodan742396d ago

I don't know about you, but Silent Hill 2 still scares the absolute crap out of me...

Mad_Mack2396d ago

I would point to Amnesia as a game that used sound and graphics as a very effective laxative just by doing it very well. I dont believe the horror gamer market has been numbed to horror, I think the horror has just gone out of the franchises. If anything we are ripe for the picking - imagine expecting Super Mario and then getting Limbo. That is where we are at with horror games. Our expectations are skewed by the games out there that are just not horror.

BlackTar1872396d ago

prenumbra with 7.1 headphones at 2 am scares the living daylights out of me.

ArchangelMike2396d ago

Dead Space was the last game that really put the scares back into me.

Mad_Mack2396d ago

It took me three months to complete Dead Space, and it was only an 8 hour game. I could only play for 20mins at a time because it wasnt fun, it was just too damn stressful!

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NYC_Gamer2396d ago

Too many publishers are running after the action crowd for the quick dollar

DA_SHREDDER2396d ago

I've been waiting for Clock Tower to come to the psn as a ps1 classic.

sonicsidewinder2396d ago

So...this will be a video game version of the Harry Potter 'Boggart' creature.


fastNslowww2396d ago

IMO, downpour brings back that horror and's an amazing game. It stays true to it's roots. For those who are on the fence about it, give it a shot, trust me!

shodan742396d ago

I personally found Downpour really disappointing. Vatra clearly tried to bring back the atmosphere and tension of the series' hayday, and for that I salute them, but I thought the execution was quite poor. The library and the monastery sections were excellent, but apart from those slightly eerie environments I didn't find it scary in the slightest.

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