Toki to Towa screenshots

Gematsu: "Imageepoch and Namco Bandai have released new screenshots of Toki to Towa, its upcoming HD animation RPG for PlayStation 3."

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Summons751975d ago

This needs to come here! looks amazing

Spenok1975d ago

I couldn't agree with you more. This game looks fantastic. Here's to hoping it eventually finds its way over the great pond.

Kratoscar20081975d ago


Cryptcuzz1975d ago

I want to see more footage of this beautiful game! I wonder how the combat system would be. Does anyone know if it would be turn based, or like how the tales game are, or would it be more in line with something like White Knight Chronicles?

Hicken1975d ago

C'mon Namco Bandai. You know the West wants this game. Time to do the right thing and ship it overseas.

Kratoscar20081974d ago

This game must come, this is more promising than all Tales games togueter.