Six Things You May or May Not Know About Darksiders

From "So, it may have been delayed a bit, but Darksiders II is still very much a thing, and it’s a thing that THQ wants you to be excited about. At a recent press event in London we actually had some more hands-on time with the game, but there wasn’t really enough to generate another preview out of (it was the first 10-15 minutes), so we I figured I’d instead present you with".

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Captain Qwark 92368d ago

sounds amazing love the first

DragonKnight2368d ago

Loved the first one, second one looks to be even more amazing. I think an Avengers model could have worked, but only if Strife and Fury appeared together in one game. If they each had their own game and then a final one, it would be milking the franchise a bit too much. Death deserved his own game for sure, and War started it, but the other 2 don't seem to be as reknowned as War and Death, so I think it would be fine if they appeared together in one game.

Either way, looking forward to it.

Robotronfiend2368d ago

I suppose they could do something similar to Avengers if they included Strife and Fury in the first part of the next game and left the last half of the next game for all 4 of them together?

I don't think it would be to their benefit to seal up the story before the next gen of hardware. If they tried 3 more games (Strife, Fury, and all horsepeople together) in this IP it would be quite a while before completion.

Really though I just wanted an excuse to type "horsepeople".