Craftimals: Build to the Sun (or not, ya know, whatever) | Clearance Bin Review

"Indie games are a lot of things; some of them aren’t even quite games in the sense that we know them. Sometimes that have no definable objective outside of simple enjoyment, sometimes the objective they do have is vague and not really that much of an objective in the first place. Craftimals: Build to the Sun is one of those games. There is an objective, to build to the sun as it were, but that seems like more of an after thought than a true objective. When Master Chief is told his objective is to destroy Halo, failing to do so will result in the death of every human being, nay-sentient creature in the galaxy. Failing to ‘build to the sun’ in Craftimals simply means you will unlock less hats for your cute cartoon animal to wear."

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