Dear Gamers: Stop Being Such Snobs

In 2012, video games are firmly ensconced as a mainstream phenomenon. Millions of people play games every day, and the industry has surpassed Hollywood in economic terms . Far from being the territory of pasty-faced basement dwellers, video games have become the dominant form of American entertainment.

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nrvalleytime2396d ago

Excellent article. Especially liked this statement: "Even as we decry the rest of the world for failing to open their minds and consider games as art, many of us have already closed our minds to vast portions of the art that we claim to champion."

It's inevitable that as a genre grows, it attracts both intelligent and... less intelligent consumers, but games seem to attract vocal consumers whose playground - the internet - is also the primary forum for the burgeoning artistic movement in gaming. I know I've been guilty of this too, so thanks for calling us out. :-)