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Andrew Hallam writes: "JRPGs that try to appeal to a western audience are, unfortunately, often laughable at times. There’s over the top acting, strange accents and dialogue and, more often than not, female characters in laughably skimpy armour that’d do well to protect them against a sun tan, nevermind a fifty foot dragon. That doesn’t mean they can’t be enjoyable though, but there are just some things that never change. Dragon’s Dogma falls into this category. Despite the dodgy Shakespearian dialogue and sometimes strange characters to boot, Dragon’s Dogma deserves a spot in any RPG fan’s heart."

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Rampaged Death2394d ago

Got my copy arriving tomorrow after much thought. Can't wait to get stuck into it !

kostchtchie_2394d ago

think mine is here Friday :) cannot wait and to see how the pawn sharing works

Dread2394d ago

I played it all night last night. If you like dark souls and skyrim, you will probably enjoy it, however, let me warn you that so far, this game is not better than those games.

StrawberryDiesel4202394d ago

I agree with you, although it borrows very heavily from Dark Souls, including being pretty difficult.