Joy Ride Turbo speeds onto XBLA

Microsoft have released their latest kart game - Joy Ride Turbo.

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Frankfurt1976d ago

Surprisingly fun. Didn't expect anything from it, but it's a blast. Better than Sonic & Sega All Stars, and that was a retail title. For $10, this is a steal.

archemides5181976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

first this was supposed to be free-to-play, then they turned it into a $50 kinect title, then they release this game 2 years later which is similar to the original concept but charge $10. whatever.

marioPSUC1976d ago

well it was going to be free-to-play but they were going to have micro-transactions meaning you'd have to pay to get other vehicles and tracks which would have probably cost more than the 800 points that it does right now.

glennco1976d ago

always someone crying conspiracy.

archemides5181975d ago

what conspiracy? this exactly what they did. what's the "real story"?

marioPSUC1976d ago

Played the trial for like 5 minutes before I just bought it. It's actually very fun, and I like the stunt park world you go into to collect stuff, for 800 MSP it's well worth it.

Psychonaughty1976d ago

Good to hear, the Kinect version I think we all agree was an experiment gone wrong, these kind of games need the precision of a controller.