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Letros2400d ago

Impressive numbers, the game is awesome!

GamingPerson2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

I always wonder why Blizzard games sell this much. If i was ubisoft everybody would pirate because of the online drm.

If more pc games sold like this than pc gamers would never have to complain about console port ever agian!

Devs would make more PC exclusives!

Not saying the game isn't awsome. But there is Definitely fanboism at play.

I haven't been pc gaming as long as most diablo fans. soo maybe I am confused?

Isn't this bias against other devs like ubi? Who get their asses handed to them for online drm?

Gamers knew Diablo 3 had online drm and didn't care. It sold like a Cod game on xbox!

But still this is great! And show pc gaming is alive and well! lol Especially for blizzard.. I would love to see a Rockstar game only for pc to.


Even Red Dead Redemption wouldn't sell like this on pc. And that game was/is amazing!

I think it is just loyalty to blizzard. And that is cool but diablo 4 might be coming 2022.

Letros2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Blizzard games are above and beyond anything from Ubisoft, there's just so much attention to detail and a degree of pure fun that few developers can capture. Granted, Diablo is a cult following, but when you have a quality reputation like Blizzard, people will buy their games just because it's a Blizzard game knowing they are in for a good experience.

@Gaming Person

"I think it is just loyalty to blizzard. And that is cool but diablo 4 might be coming 2022."

That's the beauty of Blizzard games, people still play them liberally for YEARS, I'd imagine you shelved your copy of RDR in a few weeks.

dark-hollow2400d ago

its diablo 3 man!
people whould sell their own testicles to get a copy.

Spinal2400d ago

Awesome games deserve awesome numbers. Lvl 52 barb an loving every minute of it.

ATi_Elite2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

3.5m DAY 1 and 6.3m in 1 week on ONE PLATFORM!!!

(Take that Call of Duty) Although Activision-Blizzard gets paid either way!!

Many PC Gamers are happily enjoying D3 and the server issues are now understandable seeing how over 4.5m Gamers were logging into the D3 servers within 24hrs.

I think Blizzard did the best they could but you just can't prepare for this and I think they reacted well and are on top of all the problems. (Blizzard and Valve they are the Best)

Congrats to Blizzard and PC Gamers and let this send yet another message to Dev/Pub and PC HATERS that when you put in the effort, quality, and dedication that PC Gamers expect your game will MAKE MONEY!!

6.3m X $60 = $378,000,000m (maybe minus 25% for the retail versions sold but either way thats a lot of cash in one week)

This is more cash than MOST AAA Games make LIFETIME!!

chak_2400d ago

Impressive, and it deserves it.

clocking 80H since launch, my wife's starting to get worried lol

Honest_gamer2400d ago

so much for pc gaming is dead, thats more sales than allot of AAA games make in there life time combined only games that make them numbers is GTA, MGS, halo, COD, battle feild, mario, pokemon and a few others

Convas2400d ago

LOL "Herp Derp, PC Gaming is dead!!11!!1!1"

Right. I'll have to give this game a looksee once the beast is completed.

Saryk2400d ago

Glad they sold so much, but I am not buying it. We gamers are going down a very slippery slope. The always online connection is going to to be highly looked at by other developers with the success of Diablo 3. But to be honest we were screwed either way. If it was a success then the always online helped fight piracy. If the game tanked then it was the pirates fault.

Drekken2400d ago

Get out the tinfoil hats!!!

D2 was ruined by dupes and hacks. If online only DRM stops that crap, I don't care. It's not like I don't have a constant internet connection anyways.

You are missing out on a great game for your cause... a cause that won't make a difference.

Saryk2400d ago

I am missing out on a great game for my cause? WTF are you, Dionne Warwick personal psychic friend?

D2 was a long time ago and at least you could play it solo or LAN. I still have my copy in the attic and I can reinstall if I like and play it today.

You are renting a game that they can shut off at anytime. Granted it is Blizzard, but the other thousand companies that might go this route are not. If your internet goes down, you’re SOL.

Tinfoil hat? You better get your head out of your ass……..

killerhog2400d ago

I been playing d2 for 12+ years, and not I, or anyone I know, we're ever effected by dupe items or hacks. In fact, the only place that takes place in, in an alarming rate is open bnet. You guys need to stop giving blizzard an excuse for this crap drm. I'm actually hoping enough complains force blizzard to take it off, therefore it's when I'll purchase d3.

anonym2400d ago

I'm in the same boat, Saryk. It doesn't matter how good a game is...I could never enjoy it knowing the money I paid for it is essentially a donation to the advancement of online-only DRM.

Honest_gamer2400d ago

u guys think that there wont be a crack out in a couple of weeks that lets you play without an online connection? skidrow will crack it like they crack all the other online only games

shackdaddy2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Dude, they sold 6.5 million copies in the first week. They've already won the DRM fight...

Hicken2400d ago

And it's a damn shame.

I was looking forward to D3. After watching my friend doing Baal runs waaaay back when, I wanted to get my hands on this game and play the hell out of it, pun intended.

And then I heard about the DRM, and all taste for it left me. It sucks, because I'm sure it's a great game, but I won't support that.

This is why I say "voting with your wallet" doesn't work, and is thus the most asinine saying that frequents commenter's posts. In the current gaming community, there will always be more people who don't care one way or another than who have an opinion. And those people make any attempt to make your feelings known through withholding your purchase pointless.

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