How Game Companies Could Lay the Smack Down on Gamers

It seems that as the argument for buying games 2nd hand grows, so do the rumors of companies putting the brakes on the used market entirely. Will it happen? Yes, eventually it will, but my concern isn't that I'll no longer be able to trade in my games or get "discounts" on pre-owned software. Yea that sucks and all, however I can't help but focus on what else we risk losing when companies focus more and more on defeating the competition without realizing that they may also be defeating the customers.

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firefoxprime2367d ago

Man oh man. I like the epic titles released this gen, but the ps2/gc/xbox games were definitely less nerve racking.

DwightOwen2367d ago

The author deserves an ass whooping for admitting to stealing a game from the PUBLIC (read: TAX PAYER FUNDED) library and then trading it in. Little bastard.

Suddenbrain2367d ago

I actually did wind up paying some fee for the game some 15 years later when I went back to get a library card. I thought they would forget. The library NEVER forgets.

But I agree, it was bastardly.

vortis2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

Man, that was dastardly to the 10th degree.

Kratoscar20082367d ago

That photo is hilarious, how i love the PS2 era, full games released, a lot of genres to choose from, no DRM, no DLC and endings in the disc, good times.

yokokoroma2367d ago

The idea of used games being eradicated is a flawed one, by both developers and or publishers, as well as gamers who believe it. It's a radical idea, that if made a reality, will be the end of gaming, period. There are a number of factors as to why games are not selling this gen, like they were last gen. The most obvious is the economy, (at least here in NA) gaming wise it's the $59.99 msrp, which 99% of games this gen are not worth. (i.e. incomplete games)

Gamers are paying, 3 to 4 times more for games (perfect example TOG F plus it's DLC) this gen, there are multiple re-hashings of the same game (i.e. GOTY editions, which in most cases, is the complete game that should have been sold in the first place) A good number of gamers have also been awakened to the realization that DLC actually stands for disc locked content, which is even more reason why games aren't worth $59.99.

The end result is either game publishers and retailers (i.e. Gamestop, etc...) come to a compromise or cease to exist.