Worms Wii Lacks Promised Online Play

Shacknews reports the upcoming Wii edition of Team17's long-running turn-based invertebrate-battling series, Worms: A Space Oddity, will not include the previously announced online multiplayer.

"There will not be an online component in Worms: A Space Oddity," publisher THQ confirmed with Shacknews following an initial report from IGN.

The presence of online play was one of the many features touted when the game was first announced, and seemed a natural inclusion given that the recently released Worms: Open Warfare 2 (NDS, PSP) supported online multiplayer.

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Prismo_Fillusion3782d ago

Haha I can't believe this game doesn't have online.
Fail to the infinite power.

Cyrus3653782d ago

I don't understand how they can get online on PSP and DS, but can't for Wii title.


nevelo073782d ago

the wii is like pii, when you get it out it feels good but leaves a bad smell and taste wherever it goes

Cyrus3653782d ago

It's no wonder nothing else sells but Nintendo First party games, the rest of the developers, are just trying to get things out as fast as possible, and trying to cash in on Wii hype.

commadore653781d ago

had online play on the dreamcast!

Cyrus3653781d ago

and that was released like what 10 years ago?

KeiZka3781d ago

Blame the developer. Can't say anything else here... "Worms has been always about playing it with friends in same room." Yet they had online for all of the previous installments? Fail. Massive fail.

ChickeyCantor3781d ago

yeah they contradict themselves hard, jackasses =(

Cyrus3653781d ago

They want to sell it as a Party game, especially seeing how they didn't deliver on what they said would have in the game.

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