PSU: High Velocity Bowling Review 9.0/10

PSU reviews High Velocity Bowling, stating it will not disappoint. With its strong game mechanics and realistic feel, the game will give you a ton of replayability. With the added perception that this is a family-oriented title, it'll give you even more reason to play.

+ Realistic feel
+ Decent set of customizations
+ Decent character set

- No Online Play

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marinelife93720d ago

This is a fun @$$ game. I had a party two weeks ago and that's all we ended up doing most of the night.

Cyrus3653721d ago

It's kind of dumb that PSN title, that you download from Playstation network, doesn't have more of an online feature in it. Hopefully they'll put some sort of patch like they've done with other titles, to improve and add features.

TheHater3721d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

this game is fun. I played it several times at my friend house, and he will let me download it soon. But that old lady is one of the best characters in the game.

Actually if four times. After you download it, four more people can download it. Yeah, it is 5 times total

Cyrus3653720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

One of the nice features of PS3, allowing you to "Share" downloads up to 3 times...

My bad, so it's 5 times total?

name3720d ago

they BETTER patch it with online soon..

Gish3720d ago

I love the game. I agree with the score 100%. HOW THE F*** does someone get 18 perfect games that I saw on the leaderboard??? Shoot me now. Oh wait, don't. I enjoy my in-game custom music too much. Let the torture continue.

pwnsause3720d ago

I wouldnt give this game a 9.0 but an 8.5, cause of the lack of online multiplayer. but its a Great game, When I take a break from work, I play it. Its awesome.

Doctor Strange3720d ago

I wondered the same thing, that guy is an animal lol.

My only gripe with the game other then no online multiplayer is that some character speech gets annoying after a while especially that old lady.

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The story is too old to be commented.