GTA V Expected to “More Than Double” Take-Two’s Profit for Next Fiscal Year

During a recent financial call that GamesIndustryBiz reported on, Take-Two Interactive CFO, Lainie Goldstein says the gaming group expect revenue to “more than double” in the next fiscal year.

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Ramon3MR2072d ago

I expect this game to do major sales numbers.

Awookie2072d ago

You sound like an analyst or something

Ramon3MR2071d ago

I'd hate to be an'm just a journalist.

bub162072d ago

i would agree. if we ever get any more info about the damn game! or a release date!!


It's gonna be sooo...fiscal!

torchic2072d ago

I wonder what analysts think of GTA V breaking MW3's record to $1 billion in sales. I honestly think it's plausible, there's so much hype for this game after ONE trailer.

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