Spec Ops: The Line - Preview [UpperPad]

Spike VG Awards announced for 2009, Spec Ops: The Line, the last installment of the acclaimed series, initially ended up not arouse particular outcry as other more famous sagas that invade televisions and monitors. With the progression of months, however, the news that have followed have slowly caught the interest of the public and professionals. Now that he has reached a substantial trial, we can say that Spec Ops: The Line is a candidate strongly to the role of outsiders in this summer. Where the summer market, usually poor in publications of securities of a certain thickness, is for gamers only a period in which to retrieve the past few title and little else, the last born in the house 2K Games could reverse this trend and say its due to a solid title from all points of view. UpperPad will see what cards with the title of the boys can play for short Yager Development sull'affollato current market.

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