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Last year, Nintendo DS owners have been able to appreciate one of the most weird Japanese role-playing games ever hosted on the venerable Nintendo Dual Screen. Thanks to the work of Level-5 Games arrived in Europe, despite a significant delay relative to the outlet in the land of the rising sun, Inazuma Eleven, a sort of RPG, which replaced a generic fantasy world with the much-loved football. The particular combination could not grind in any way, producing a very good feeling indeed for lovers of the sport, both for those who are totally immune to the charm that affects the fans every Sunday. With a spirit that the older ones remember hopelessly Captain Tsubasa, Captain Tsubasa, or if you prefer, the first chapter presented the players a functional and attractive way to perform in games full of twists and special moves worthy of appearing in a episode of Dragon Ball, praising those who challenged the stylus and leaving him with a satisfied smile on his face. The game was certainly...

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