Company of Heroes 2 to focus on "Shared humanity, heroism of ordinary soldiers"

At a recent THQ event in Sydney, was able to head along and take a look at the upcoming Company of Heroes 2, and chat with Relic's Creative Manager Simon Watts.

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Ramon3MR2371d ago

Looking forward to this...really dug the first game.

Stewie2k82371d ago

Yeh i just hope they keep the defence and base building in it and change it like what they did with Dawn of war 2 -_-

Ravenor2371d ago

You mean DON'T change it to what DoW2 was right?

Jesus conrad, tie your fucking shoe laces.

Stewie2k82370d ago

Yeh sorry i mean dont change it like what they did with DoW2 :P

Farsendor12370d ago

also looking forward to this game.