[Rumor] Person Who Leaked Wii U Controller Fired

Gaming Unwrapped: "A Twitter user and developer by name of Erlend Wollan has stated that the leaker of the Wii U controller redesign has been fired."

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dangert122371d ago

Harsh...don't know what people will get out of a picture of a redesigned controller can't imagine nintendo losing much profit over that alone...maybe someone will steal their idea for a controller? lol

--Onilink--2371d ago

its not harsh, if you sign a contract that says you cant do X or Y thing, and you do it, you get fired, that simple.

The company signed a NDA, they could even end up paying something to Nintendo for breaking it (who knows what the NDA said), so the company is in their right to fire the employee

Winter47th2371d ago

That's horrible, I'm pretty sure he didn't post the pic out of being cocky or he had a certain agenda, mistakes happen, but to fire someone and having him unemployed in this day and age.

Explain to him he made a mistake and shouldn't do it again because of A and B, if he does it again, hell, sue him for being an asshole.

deep_fried_bum_cake2371d ago

It's like you didn't even read what --Onilink-- wrote. If someone breaks the rules when they know that they shouldn't (especially if there is an NDA in place) then they should be fired. It may seems harsh but the employee had it coming.

GraveLord2370d ago

It's not like he ruined their E3 surprise. Re-designed analog sticks and moved placement of some buttons...that's it.

This rumor is fake.
At worst, someone would get suspended.

--Onilink--2370d ago


Do you imagine what kind of image TT games would be giving if they only suspend an employee thats making them break a Non-Disclosure Agreement??

its doesnt mather what he leaked, the point is he did something that goes against a legal contract, and i can assure you, NDAs are serious stuff. I can tell you without a doubt, if TT games knows who the employee is, he doesnt work there anymore

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Godmars2902371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

I don't get why info leaks are so rampant in the gaming industry.

Its as worse as the movie industry: most pirates aren't just hacking from outside, they're insiders stealing their own work.

The guy made the deliberate choice to leak the controller. Better to let him go now than sue him later for directly giving info to a competitor. As is someone's likely already making a pong-level knock-off for sidewalk vendors.

PopRocks3592370d ago

It's largely a game of telephone, I think. Person A is given secret information and passes it to a family member. The family member tells/shows it to friend B and then that friend shows friend C who puts it on the internet somewhere.

Of course this is a vague interpretation of the concept, but I think most leaks happen somehow like that.

kneon2371d ago

That's not the point. This person had access to information under an NDA and violated that NDA. It's not relevant whether or not the information disclosed was important, the fact is he violated the terms of the NDA.

If this company gets a reputation of being untrustworthy then they will find it difficult to get access to pre-release hardware and information. That will make it harder for them to compete with the devs that do.

So by firing this person they show that they are serious about information security, and it will hopefully show others what happens when you do stupid things.

jbl3162371d ago

Perfect time to share this video then...

EcoSos32371d ago

Idk if this is good or bad, but this means that Nintendo really hates leaks or their NDA are really strict.

When this happens to Sony or MS thats it, no one hears someone has been fire.

wampdog292371d ago

Heck yeah Nintendo has strict NDAs. Is this your first time around the industry? Nintendo hardly EVER has any leaks or slips. That's why so much is a shock at E3.

EcoSos32371d ago

I know their NDAs are strict but didnt know strict enough to go find the person that leak it and get him/her fire.

--Onilink--2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

its not like Nintendo hunted down the employee, its TT games that fired the employee (with good reason). The NDA simply exists to avoid leaks of information, if i had to guess, the thing that Nintendo receives for the break of the NDA is money and TT games fired the employee for doing something he shouldnt do

Ezio-Auditore002371d ago

Nintendo probably wanted to show the new redesign at e3.

Tired2371d ago

There are very few real leaks. You can pretty much be sure that every piece of information you hear comes from a team who have carefully deliberated what you get to know.

Some of it true to excite the fan base, some of it rubbish to spark debate or test out popularity of a possible idea.

ANY real leak you can be sure would be accompanied with a firing. There's not a company in the world happy to let it's staff pass out corporate info willy nilly.

ChickeyCantor2371d ago

"NDA are really strict. "

What part of NDA didn't you get ? lol

If the contract is violated, you could end up being sued.

fekkyFTP2371d ago

wow...that's harsh dude...what a very sadistic capitalistic

Moby-Royale2371d ago

I could be wrong, but I would imagine that their workers are under some sort of contract.

You don't have people working on something that you are keepin tight lipped without expecting them not to leak things.

I mean, I'm not not exactly thrilled that a man/woman lost his or her job. But, I myself have feel fired for breaking the rules.

That is how the world works my friend.

He should not have risked his job over a photograph...

fekkyFTP2371d ago

well...yeah...but a strict warning or a "yellow card" would be better than just kicked someone out just like that...

REALgamer2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

@fekkyFTP - so then, every member of a 300-person studio is allowed to leak 1 thing each without being fired?

They sign a contract. Contract states that to be employed they must follow certain rules. They break the non-disclosure contract, they break their employment contract.

It's quite simple.

krazykombatant2371d ago

hahaha a "yellow card" grow up kid, time to stop eating glue and maybe realize how the world works. You can't be leaking things when you sign a contract. Serves him right for being an idiot.

M-M2371d ago


Welcome to the real world.

SpartanZero2371d ago

The guy who took the picture was brave.

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