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Take away Sorcery’s engaging gesture-based mechanic, and you’d be left with a pedestrian adventure destined for the bargain bin; thus explaining the requirement for Sony’s device. Yet, considering the title’s intrinsic tie to the peripheral, Sorcery can offer a satisfying experience, charming a roomful of hopeful Harry Potters with absorbing spell casting.

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sharpsword2370d ago

Ouch. B minused?

This was part of the reason why I bought a Move.

Dante1122370d ago

I know, since when is a B- a horrible score? It also got an A+ too.

madmad2370d ago

Never buy hardware based on what you think will come out.

Only buy on what actually is released. I'm still waiting for the N64DD here.

RaptorMan2370d ago

I try to never buy full price.

2370d ago
CharmingMan2370d ago

I was hoping PS+ players would get a demo when they releases this as a download prepurchase.

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