The Los Angeles Kings Will Make E3 2012 Interesting

Jason Fanelli of writes about how the success of the Los Angeles Kings could affect the biggest video game industry event of the year, recanting a tale of a similar situation back in 2010.

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MultiConsoleGamer1918d ago

I still remember the mini riot after the Laker victory a few years back.

Cennus1918d ago

More like the LA Flyers. :P

NJShadow1918d ago

Same players, different logo, lol.

BillyCostigan1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Maybe we'll get to see Dustin Brown flop and dive at e3. Demonstrate the new diving mechanics in NHL 13.

BrianC62341918d ago

Why is this a big deal? The Lakers have been in the playoffs in the past while E3 has gone on. That would be a bigger problem.