Call Of Duty Won't Hit PS4 Until 2016?

According to recent court documents, Activision doesn't intend to release a game for the new PlayStation until 2016. Obviously, that has to include Call of Duty.

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MrBeatdown2371d ago

Either this Ben Dutka guy is just flat out clueless, or he's willing to publish any nonsensical piece of crap he can come up with just for hits. Maybe a little of both.

It's Activision. It's Call of Duty. Not releasing on any platform that can properly support it would be just about the stupidest thing Activision could do because it will undoubtedly sell.

What Bungie does is just that. They only signed the agreement with Activision committing them to what they wanted to do. Activision had to take what they could get, and that means Bungie has it's say when it comes to platforms. Activision can do whatever they please with Call of Duty though, and it doesn't take a genius to realize Activision will do everything they can to get Call of Duty on every capable platform.

fathoms2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

The article doesn't say Call of Duty is never coming to the PS4. And as has been the case in previous generations during console shifts, multiplatform games have arrived for one new system while only releasing for the old competitor. In other words, when the 360 launched a year ahead of the PS3, there were multiplats on the 360 and PS2, but not PS3...because it didn't exist yet.

The article also mentions this as a possibility for CoD. If the 720 comes out first, obviously, a new CoD might be on the current consoles (PS3, 360) AND on the 720. But obviously not the PS4.

...what surprises me most is that the hostile egotism of people like you gets any attention whatsoever. Anywhere. Maybe it's because they never learned to read, and people like the corresponding attitude. Or maybe it's because they have security issues that stretch back to schoolyard beatings. Either way, the fact that nobody reads beyond headlines is painfully obvious.

Then again, the username "MrBeatdown" speaks volumes in the first place.

MrBeatdown2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

Wow, talk about hostile...

I'm not sure why you're so riled up. I never said the article was speculating that CoD as a series would never come to the PS4. I figured it was obvious I was referring to individual releases. I'm not sure why you would assume I thought the article was talking about the entire series not arriving on PS3, especially when the damn headline of the article implies it would eventually.

And I figured it was obvious I was assuming the PS4 would be out before 2016, which is hardly a stretch. It's much more of a stretch to assume it wouldn't be. Your whole argument is based on the idea that CoD wouldn't release for PS4 because PS4 wouldn't be available. That would make sense, assuming we weren't talking about 2016. I mean, really? PS4 isn't going to be out until 2016? Another four and a half years? Give me a break.

We all know 2013 is a possibility for 720 and PS4. Hell, the damn contract between Activision and Bungie suggests the 720 could be out in 2013. You think there is even a chance Sony will sit on it's hands for another two or three years after Microsoft launches their console?

Odds are, PS4 and 720 will be out by 2014, if not sooner. And if it's out, Activision will undoubtedly release a Call of Duty game for it, just as they did for 360 and PS3 this generation.

I took issue with the article because it's coming to a conclusion that anyone with a clue can see is highly unlikely, and the author is doing so by suggesting all of Activision will do as Bungie is doing, which again, is highly unlikely. He's coming to a ridiculous conclusion based on reasoning that is even more ridiculous. For a piece of "journalism" it's pretty devoid of any common sense or logical reasoning. This whole article is wild speculation at it's worst. I'm not sure why you are having such a cow over me pointing that out.

torchic2370d ago

you need to calm down bro.

WeskerChildReborned2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Well remember what Sony said, they wan't to stay to the 10 year cycle so the if they do that then the PS4 will be out 2016 even though i don't believe they are gonna wait that long especially since some people wan't to move onto bigger things like improved gameplay, better textures, more realism, physics, etc.

torchic2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

10 year cylce means supporting the PS3 well for 10 years. they can release a PS4 and still support the PS3 almost as strongly as it's currently being supported now. the PS2 springs to mind. hell people still buy new PS2s to this very day.

there's no way Sony will wait til 2016. Holiday 2014 at the absolute worst.

MrBeatdown2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

I'm pretty sure Sony just meant supporting the PS3 for ten years, as opposed to keeping it as their main console for ten years, especially given how they handled PS1 and PS2.

And even that theory doesn't work given the facts presented in the contract. This guy is quoting MCVUK, but I'm not even sure how they've come up with 2016. In the original contract, it says...

***"Destiny Game #2, along with any related DLC Releases, as well as Comet #2, shall be initially developed by Licensor to operate on and be compatible with the Xbox 360, the Xbox 720, and the Sony Playstation 4 computer entertainment system."***
That's from part "c" under "Platforms".

According to the contract, that second game is planned for release in 2015, not 2016. And unlike with Destiny #1 where they clearly mention a late release in 2014 for the PS3 version, they make no mention of a late release for a PS4 version of Destiny #2, which suggests it will be a simultaneous 360, 720, and PS4 release in 2015.

I have no idea where the 2016 date came from. And I have no clue where they got the idea that that date applies to all of Activision, as opposed to just Bungie.

NastyLeftHook02371d ago

good luck with losing 7-8 million in software sales.

moho-foe2370d ago

the PS4 will be released around or before the Xbox720 end of story. This article is pure speculation.

WeskerChildReborned2370d ago

I think i read something Sony releasing first but not sure about that.

slaton242370d ago

who cares when they come out i dont...only because i want to wait afterwards for them to fix the guys remember RRoD for 360 was bad for 360 release....ps3 had a lower chance of ylod but it still happened....when they fix the bugs i will buy a ps4....later i will get a 720....plan on gettin wii u this year maybe if it has good nintendo game releases not multiplatform

abzdine2370d ago

Pure speculation.. If it turned out to be true it could be problematic for Sony, but not for me cause i dont play COD :)

EffectO2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Plenty of great exclusive shooters on Sony platforms,who cares.

Siren302370d ago

Since cod sells better on ps3 than all those exclusive shooters combine I'm sure plenty of people care

Zynga2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Your right but the fanboys are too blind to realize that.

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